Friday, 19 October 2012

Pink, pink and pink ...

Two posts on the same day, I'm getting a whole shark to all this blog thing. Smile.
Yes I can not get out of these boxes, so you get just a few more

I have drawn the winner of my giveaway. The result will you find in the post right after this.

 My first flower bowl and flower arrangement I have used real flowers. It is heather. The roses next is bought.

 When I get tired of all the boxes, I can take a nap.

Thank you for your visit - come back soon


I thank all of you, both to come and post comments and make a reference to my give-away. Thank you so much I've got so many new followers and through you I had access to even more miniature blog. So now I will be busy with updating me on everything that happens on your blog.
I wish I could send a gift to all of you, you have earned it. I send lots of good wishes and good karma to you all and best wishes for a creative spirit to all of you.
I welcome.

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I know I've lost track, there are some of you I have not found blog on,  will you, please,  come and write your blog `s name, and I will visit you.

I thought I could just use the number generator, but I could not figure it out. I used it a little unfinished and took a copy, it looks a little odd, but works.

There are 104 comments, of which 2 are repeats therefore we land at 102

True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:77

 Debbie won

Debbie do  you write your address to me on my mail -, so I can send your gift.

I'm already considering a new giveaway - but I must just have made 2 Christmas swap

HUGS from


Monday, 8 October 2012

Black and white

Great welcome to all new followers. It is my intention to come by and visit your blog and post a comment. Have I not been by your blog and you are listed below, please write to me, it means that I have lost my view.
I am very happy for all the comments I have received from both old and new followers. It is very overwhelming, but absoult in a good way. I have access to so many interesting blog and am looking forward to follow you.
Thanks to all of you who have made a reference to my giveaway. Thank you so much for it, it's you who have helped me to get access to all these inspiring blog - people.

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If your name not here, and I have not visited you, maybe it is because I have lost track. However, it may also be,  I have not been able to find your blog. Whatever the reason is, please help me to find you.

Lots of hugs and kisses for new as well as old followers.

 I have gone completely in black and white ... and boxes ... and a little fabric ...

I thought, black and white is so elegant!!!!

A lady who are for black and white, must have a chemise!!

The little black one...

Thank you for your visit - come back soon