Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I am now on Facebook, it's a whole new area for me. I am quite a novice in this field. It takes a long time, very long for me to figure out the structure, so please be patient with me.I have got lots of friend requests from many of you, thank you for that and thank you for your sweet comments and inquiries.

I love making my own fabric and decorate with it. I love to decorate, with waterslide paper on furniture an china. I would really like to find my own style. It is difficult, beacuse I have a wide taste, it makes it harder to find and express, my very own special Wyrna style. I hope, I one day will succeeded.

I have created a new room box, I have used good colors like white, beige and gold. It provides a good calm of the room. My miniatures look good in the box, take a look.

 On the dresser lies a small postcard folder I have made, and on the mirrors I have put small pictures on the back.
 Flower pot I have made and painted white.

 These chairs were made ​​for my Etsy shop, but they were sold before they came into my shop.

 I have decorated some porcelain. I only have a laser printer in black and white. I must have bought a color printer, it just does not work with inkjet printer. I would really like to start doing some porcelain in color. I have so many good ideas.

Decorated furniture, from blue to this. The carpet is home made. ​.

Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
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Monday, 19 August 2013

I've had a terrific holiday. Paris offered delicious food, fine wines and lovely champagne.
We took Alsace Routen on the way home, it was a beautiful and very romantic experience. We spent the night among other things, in Strasbourg, also a beautiful and charming city. I am so filled with inspiration for upcoming mini-projects, my task now is to prioritize.

I obviously had visited Leah's shop in Montmartre district. An amazing experience. Her shop is mostly an exhibition of houses she has built. She sells a few basic furniture set and a bit of her own thing.
I swallowed all of these visual impressions of her beautiful and inspiring houses and interior design. She has a fantastic French style. What surprised me most was how thin and fine it all was. Her panels on the wall, so fine and so thin. Her clothes on hangers, so fine and thin. It's all very beautiful.

In addition, I came up with 2 other miniature shops, they sold furniture and houses. They are located in a small passage with many other stores. They are almost next to each other. Both stores have a very large selection, one store is significantly cheaper than the other. Across from one shop, is also a bookstore which sells books on French residential style through the ages.

I bought lots of magazines from both France and Germany. On the French market, I found some lace and I bought a few u-painted furniture.

Pain d'épices, 29, 31, 33, passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris


When I got home, I received a gift I was so fortunate to win a few days before my vacation starts. The gift has traveled from Germany, enjoy the pictures. It is from Ulrike from http://zaubaergarten.blogspot.com She makes the most amazing bears.

 Very nice box.
 Out look  Pitty, but  I have renamed her. Pretty is her name now, she's so sweet and so pretty and so full of expression.
 Sweet cards, chocolates and fine scarf. I use scarves, all year round. (wrinkles saved so well behind such a scarf). Pretty and I will share the yellow scarf
Ulrike takes the most amazing photos. Often her teddies get up of decorative cups. My picture does not come close to the expression as Ulrike get . See the pictures on her blog, they are always very very beautiful.

Note Pretty's sweet and expressive face and the delicate paws. I thank you from all my heart, I love pretty, she's adorable sweet. She brings smile when I see at her. I will take so much care of her. I am impressed how complete she is. Ulrike I send you lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you.


My blog has been 1 year. Therefore, it is appropriate to show what I have received of gifts from all around the world. Some of the presents decorates already in some of my room boxes.

You've seen gifts from

I thank you for all the presents. It has been a pleasure, this first year.
Hugs and kisses to you all.

Thanks for all your sweet holiday greetings.

Velcome to all my new followers.

Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
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