Thursday, 26 July 2012

Still on vacation, but now with access to the internet .. jubii

I had a little nerves about having to leave my blog "sail its own sea" in a few weeks.
Therefore, thanks to you all, thank you for visiting my blog while I enjoyed life in Prague. Thanks for coming on the return visit. Thanks for all the wonderful and nice comments. 
And yes Norma i enjoyed being whit my family and I have been wildly inspired, Vicky, now stand new ideas in a queue inside my head. Caroline, I did it. Before the trip I felt dependent on the network. terrible as a teenager by his mobile. 

Now I am back in Denmark and is in our lovely cottage in Rørvig. I've had some fantastic days at Prague. charming town, sweet people, nice food.
We drove through Dresden, where we also had a few nice days. I have never previously visited Dresden, so I was surprised by the imprint of the old princely interfering. Width boulevards, huge castles monumental buildings. I must go back a second time. We also took a couple of nights in Potsdam near Berlin. Charming town. I am fascinated by the way the old East Germany has been renovated on after the fall of communism. It seems to me that they have rekonstruktreret the old buildings beautifully.

Still on vacation
In Prague, they had a lot of beautiful dolls in national costumes. It was hard to choose, but the beautiful purple skirt, I could not resist.

 Is she not -  just beautiful?

In Dresden they do much in small miniature boxes, size (5.5 x 3.5) I found this set of beer mugs and beer barrel. Maybe a bar or banquet hall.

The angels were on all in Dresden. They got me to thinking about all of you miniature blogger. They are also with us. I did think, they not really belonged in Dresden. It is one of "our" many brands.

See you soon - hugs from


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Help - vacation without internet

I go on vacation, which always is nice.
But - yes, because there is a but. I will miss my miniature projects and my blog / you. The first 2 weeks I am without internet.

Oh how shall I manage it??

I take also on holiday with joy and expectation.

With joy that my blog is well underway, and it's only because you have been so good to me and given so much positive feedback. Thanks for that.

With the expectation of all that may come with new projects and new people I "meet". The world has suddenly become both small and large at the same time.

I have created an outdoor wooden bathtub, but I simply could not be able to taken a decent picture, so I had to put it into the doll house.

Some small things I made sometime in the spring. Was inspired by spring, so the green is in everything.

Some "enamel" signs I've made and small wooden boxes

After the holidays, I will make a little baby "look box" (I do not know if it's the right word in English) for childbirth gift. Here's some, which must be in.

Big welcome to new followers and thank you for all your sweet comments. It's great that so many established blogger has time and desire to offer a new miniature blogger welcome. Many of you wrote that miniature blogger is especially friendly and helpful.
That I feel. So thank you, for your way of being.

Welcome to:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Ice cream sticks again and again

Hello everyone
I still have some challenges in all this blog something, but I will get it learnedjust have some patience with me.
My miniature challenges;  I often have so many ideas of something I want to do that I do not get taken a direction. but I am in too many ways at once. Sometimes I become passive because I can not choose direction.
I wish that my miniature expression, the term could reflect a certain style, there will be a recurring theme in my work. Unfortunately, I am too flaky and style uncertain for it to happen. Otherwise, it is because I actually like the style of many species and might just have to accept this.

I have been active this weekend we have had reasonable summer weather in Denmark, nice, so I could sit out and work.

I bought a used dollhouse online, there followed a lot of furniture. Among others, this thread sofa. It was originally white but now I've given it a little patina and sewn cushions and pillows

I have made some round flower boxes in ice sticks. Can probably also made ​​oval and square. (got the idea while I was writing, so now it must be tested). There may probably also be made large barrels? There are 3 sizes, the large is about a Pepsi cap.

I've also tried making "tin cans" it's about being very præsis, difficulty with lids. I found the instructions and pattern of lemondecratidecatherine

This cabinet must at some point be in a room with the couch - but I can not really find the right color for the closet. Originally it was in dark wood with glass.
I think there is too much "red" color on it. Does anyone have a suggestion?

            I've made a photo collage of the "French couch". I love these kids pictures.

I would like to bid welcome to my blog. I am very very happy that you have chosen to become followers. Hope that I can make an exciting creative process, so will come back again and again.

Welcome and Thanks to:
sera XIS

Hugs from