Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vacation in Paris and Germany

I hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all a wonderful summer and summer holidays for those who are going on vacation.

I also need a holiday now, I can feel that my stress has stuck its ugly head out again.  So after the holidays I have to make a different structure in my life.
I still have it so much better than a year ago. It has helped blogging. To have contact with all of you, is so rewarding life. Remember, if you ever come to Copenhagen, you are always welcome to stay with me.

I'm going to Paris on vacation, we drive Thursday morning. I shall down to the Tour de France and am so fortunate, that I have to find myself at the VIP area on Sunday, when it all ends. The reason we are so lucky, is because my husband is invited through his work.

I will of course visit some miniature shops. I have the address of  two shops.

When we drive home, we crossed the "Alsace route", it should  be so beautiful. Then we drive up through Germany, and we will find some small cozy villages and spend the night in.

This my last design, I call it "Bird and roses in pink.

I wish you all the best, see you once again in August.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

A Collection of furniture with text

Thanks for all your comments. I read them always with excitement and joy.

I've done several things in the category of furniture with text and motif on.

 You've seen the dresser with text before, but it's a new one, they are never quite the same.

 Wardrobe with text and very beautiful subdued pink wallpaper.

 A small chest of drawers

 I have transfer designs to fabric. It is so very exciting. I will certainly do more of that.


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Thanks for all your commens, I love to read them
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