Thursday, 8 May 2014

Great Success

I had great success at the Farum Fair. I met and talked with so many nice people. I got so much feedback from happy customers and future customers. I got sold out of many of items. It was a great experience. I plan to attend again next year.
It was also great to talk to other sellers, I met so many nice and great people, got some contacts for future cooperation.

A truly brilliant day and brilliant sales and I met so many great people.

I have also worked hard to achieve this result. This whole year I have been working 80 hours a week. I got up early and gone to bed late. work every weeekend.
However, it has cost my health. I've got stress again, so I have to take a new direction in my life. I still have to make miniature, but less, than before. I'm planning, getting a dog here in the summer.

So, it will take some time before I visit your blog again. I have no strength. I must now try to get my strength back, but I'm not good to relax, I'm not good at doing nothing.
Unfortunately I did not take so many pictures. 

Both of my daughters were with me, here the youngest. We had all 3, white shirts on and I  have put my logo on the shirt.
They enjoyed themselves very much. On Saturday we were really busy, so it was so
good to be 3

Thank you, for being here. 
Take care of yourself. 
Hugs and many thoughts