Thursday, 19 December 2013


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you, a wonderful Christmas holiday with your families, I hope you get some, of what you want.

I'll send some special thoughts, to all of you who are chronically ill, or have suffered from sudden illness this year. Also special thoughts to all of you, who cares and care of sick family. Many thoughts to you who have lost relatives this year. I wish for all of you, that you find strength for the challenges you stand in.

Please accept my Christmas pictures, let them speak for themselves.

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Thanks for your time on this blog.

See you in the new year.
Christmas hug

A lot of surprise gifts.

This year I have been extremely lucky and win a lot of giveaway, so many that I am totally embarrassed.

I continue to be lucky here in December, I received a lot of surprise gifts.

 This is from Birgit  note the chocolate, everything is unfortunately already eaten, it tasted so gooood ...
See the cute card, then you all now how this is from. See all the fine minis. Give Flutterby a big hug from me.
Thank you Birgit , for this lovely surprise. In particular, I think of you when I have to go out on an extra run to run all the lovely chocolate of my body .....

I have been fortunate to receive lots of lovely colorful pieces of fabric from Conny .  Conny  is a very generous lady who makes so many giveaway with plenty pieces of fabric. This can turn into a lot of chair covers and bedspreads. Thank you, Conny
Right now you can see a tutorials on Connys blog where she shows, how to make a quilt bedspread.

From Melli I received this little angel. See her sweet card. Melli make the most amazing sweet and well performed Teddy Bears. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, you are the angel here.

From Tatiana  I got this gift. The large picture frame will fit perfectly in the style of my Holiday Home. The shells do I need for a future bathroom.

Note the fine grapes, they are so well done.

Then,  Dinner is on the table.

So fine and well-executed a purse. Thanks for all these lovely gifts Tatiana

Thank you, it's so great to have such wonderful and thoughtful blog friends.

Excuse the image quality, it's gray weather in Denmark and I are in a lot of  paint mess in my study room.

After I switched to bloglovin, I experience problems with receiving new posts. Some I have to read on bloglovin and others only come up on blogger. Last night, could I not get some posts up on blogging, but there was something very odd . So, have I not visited your blog in a while, please write a comment and let me know.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A bit romance.

The dresser was in brown and with 6 drawers.
I have painted and sanded it, many times, it was never really nice. Suddenly, I found to make my own drawers.
I'm really happy with the reslutatet. I've just been to a little Christmas fair, and had many considering, whether I should take it with me. I took it whit me to the fair and it were sold. So now I have to make a new one.
The cabinet is white, the tabletop delicate pink.

I have also worked for a long time with this table. Here is the table top turned from brown to "granite", it has given me great challenges. I will continue working with this technique.

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Thank you for spending time on my blog.


Saturday, 7 December 2013


I have made some small Christmas decorations, they are about. 2.5 cm height and less than 1 cm in diameter, they are small and fine. 

SOME GIFT from Jane

I have again been fortunate to receive a gift, this time from Jane , from Jane-cherie. Jane  writes about dolls and her life, visit her blog. It's always very interesting to visit her blog, it's so colorful, decorative and active. 
The light is terrible, I had to take the pictures through artificial light.
A sweet card and a lot of Christmas decorations. Thank you Jane

 I have been searching for these metal gizmos, to make Christmas decorations in fimo clay, Great was my joy when I found them in one of the bags. 
Thank you Jane, hugs and kisses from me.

Autumn and early winter have moved fast for me, it's great, soon the light turns. So nice, so lovely.
I would have made ​​a new giveaway, but time ran away from me, so it will be immediately in the new year.

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Thank you for spending time on my blog.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas boxes

I have designed my own Christmas boxes and Christmas bags. It has been very exciting  and I will definitely try again.

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Thank you for spending time on my blog.

Welcome to my new followers

Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Balls.

It has been pure meditation to decorate all these beads, to christmas balls. 

Some of the Christmas Balls are listed in my My Etsy shop  and in  my My webshop  and can be purchased there.