Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ksandra and and I have made a swap and here is what I have been so fortunate to receive.

Beautiful rose card with a sweet greeting.

These sweet and romantic hangers.

 These cute flower pots, they are so beautifully decorated and the chain is completely accurate.
The light is unfortunately not so good today. I'm sorry.
 A cutting board and 2 placemats, just try to see a patient work here. Each piece of wood is sewn together with a gold wire and they can be rolled together.

 These robust and fine decorated buckets. So beautiful and so powerful a quality. How do you do it Ksandra ?
 The Globe,  has she also made, with the whole earth and it can turn around. It symbolize the blog world for me. I think of you when I see it.
            For a lady, a perfume bottle, a beautiful picture frame and a mirror

 The mirror is absolutely wonderfulKsandra has cut the frame out of wood, try to look at the back, it is so well adapted to the mirror.
 These dust brushes, try to see the shaft, Ksandra has cut it out of wood. It is so fortunate with these dusters, my room boxes need so much to be dusted. Smile..

Do you not know Ksandra blog, you are really missing something. She is an extremely good thumbnail exercises so brilliant to work in wood and so patience and so idea rich.

Thank you Ksandra, I love all my gifts. I thank you from my heart for these treasures.I hope you will soon receive mine.

I've been busy, busy in a good way. My webshop have got a good start, I have had several customers from Europe. I did not think I would sell abroad, but as a customer wrote, "if she buys in England or Denmark, there are shipping anywhere!, so I'll ask you who use facebook, to make a link to my shop. Only if you like.

Here you can see a selection of my furniture from my webshop and see that my price is very low. So please help me get more happy customers.


Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

The winner of my giveaway and my online shop.

It's very overwhelming. My blog is 1 year. I have 304 followers, I had not in my wildest dreams imagined, thought that it would go so well, and that I would have so many mini friends all over the world.
I am grateful and often think of you, when things happen in the world, my thoughts turn to you I know in that area.

I look forward to the next year with you. Big hugs and kisses from me to you

The winner of my Giveaway is
Congratulations Rosethe`, write an email to me at wyrnac@hotmail.com with your address.

I will send your the gift on Monday. 24 June.

Have I not heard from you before 24 June, I  will draw a new one.

I am so lucky that I already have sold 2 of my minis from Etsy. It is quite overwhelming and I hope so much that the new owners will be satisfied with their purchase.

My online shop
Finally, I finished my online shop. It has given great challenges. I have such great difficulty, that I final had to drop, the website provider I had chosen. Then I chose to do it like a blog. However, it  also had its challenges.  I have to use "menu buttons" on the layout, I could not figure it out, here I got help from a lovely and sweet lady,  Birgit, Lovely with so sweet and helpful blog friends.

Birgit wrote an email to me with clear instructions on what I should do. She had even read the instruction in Danish so I got the Danish words. Which language endowment Birgit is.

Thank you Birgit, without you I was still passed around like a lion in a cage.


My reason for making a online shop;
-I need to have a direction and purpose in what I do, I'm very results-oriented. I opened this shop on Sunday and I have already bin very busy. It is so nice a feeling.

- I want to be known for providing a good service.

-I would like to be known for selling at competitive prices.
I can only that, because my stock is very small, I order items home about 2 times a month, from my wholesaler and primary products my customers already have ordered. You must provide your purchase, if you buy from me.

I have a lot of plans and ideas to develop my online shop. among others, to make references to other people's blog that sells minis. More on that after the summer.

I invite you to visit my new blog and have you any feedback I'll gladly hear it.


                                     A table. dollhouse miniature, scale 1:12
                                                             My newest creation.

I'm taking a little trip to Sweden tomorrow morning, so I can first read your blog again on Monday morning. Have a nice weekend.

Welcome to all my new followers

Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A little French inspired

At present there is plenty of ideas, queued inside my little head, and I  also managed, getting some of them into practice.

I  have made a dresser that I have put French text on, it has been nice to do and some pots I have painted  also whit French text.

As some have noticed I have open an Etsy shop, here I have been using a pair of lovely ladies, to help me with some specific questions. I got help from Jennifer and Ruth, it is so nice to get help from some who knows how to run a shop. Many thanks for your help, your are two sweet ladies.

When you put something new in process, it also takes its time, I'm in  "the start up- phase"  and have to figure out how to exploit the opportunities that are around and Etsy shop. The shop will be for some things,  I've decorated and I have put my stamp on. Does anyone know anything about how to help me further, I take, with open arms, against all the help, you will give me.

My website where I would sell ordinary furniture has been delayed. I've had trouble putting all my pictures in, they jumped and danced around each other. I have therefore decided to make a new blog where I will sell ordinary furniture. It has also its challenges, as it should be structured in a different way than my current blog. So also here I have been helped by a lovely lady, more about this, in another post.

Now for my furniture I have decorated.

 I can just tell that we will meet in our miniature group, the second time,  they come home to me tonight. We can sit in bright sunshine on the terrace and work and end with a barbecue and cool white wine. You are so welcome.

Welcome to all my new followers.

Audra Pangle 
Lllyria Miniatures .
The Grandmommy
Idske de Jong 
Nora Macphail  
Diana Douglas  

Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
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