Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Little new

My lace shop I showed with the Farum fair in Denmark. Once again it was a great success

I got a nice present from Fabiola, thank you for this wonderful gift. I. It is a very personal gift Fabiola has made.

 Note the pad with my initial.

Look at this wonderful sweet calendar with my puppy's picture on. such a fine work you have done Fabiola. I love it.
My dog, Sally has become a sweet and lovely dog now 1 year old.

Thank you for all these lovely personalized gifts, I'm so happy for all of them.
They are my treasures. many thoughts and hugs from me to you Fabiola

 I tried to print my own fabric, it has been so exciting. The possibilities are endless.
Cath Kidtson inspired

Tilda inspired

As many of you know, I love boxes. I have long made KIT for boxes that I have sold here in Denmark, I have now for the first times put one of my boxes for download in my Etsy shop. I will in time put more in.

Welcome to new followers

Thanks for your time on my blog.