Saturday, 27 April 2013


I need blog help. I have reached following 300 blog, and can not be allowed to add more. I can see from some of you, that you follow, more than 300, please how do you do that?

I have a idea I would like to share with you., many of you probably know this, but there are many new blogger. So.
Silky paper, we get it wrapped around flowers, porcelain and clothing. We can buy it in different colors. Silky paper can color the water and thereby color lace, white fabrics, etc.
I have so much in white, and it is so expensive, constantly buying new colors, in this way I can save a little, and it's fun.

You can leave it long or shorter in the water, depending on how strong the color should be.

 After the picture was taken, I put the lace down under the paper, it lay for a couple of hours.

Here in blue. Enjoy. 


Thanks for all your comments. I love to read them.

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Again, a little pink

I continue to work on my website, it is extremely time consuming but also very positive. However, I took my time to decorate a cupboard in pink.

 This is a Mini Mundus cabinet, I've got by a sweet lady in my yoga classes. Her sister is also miniature collector, and her sister did not think she could see to pick it. My plan was to make it in black, but it ended up in blue. I think I need that for my upcoming room box, one to sell children's clothing etc.

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Lili B.J   
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My boutique.

Thanks for all your positive and appreciative comments on my last post. It's great to hear your positive opinion for my future plans. When I sometimes lose faith,  it is so  lovely to read all your comments.

After making the blue desk, I have become quite happy whit blue. It is water and heaven, and for me there is so much faith and hope in the bright blue color, and it just symbolizes, life. So in the future, you will se more blue, but still black and white, on this blog.

Here are the last pictures of "My boutique. 

I have again made ​​little boxes, it is pure therapy, I love them, both to look at and to make them.

Welcome to new followers, next time I write your names.

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A little light blue and another gift.

Dear all.
When I started blogging almost a year ago, it was because I had lot of time "left over". I was stopped in the labor market. This,  because of several years of work-related stress. I am a qualified pedagogue and has worked with drug addicts for many years, an exciting job but there was, among other things too many funerals.

When I at the beginning, wrote on your blog, I sat with small sticky notes and wrote down everything. I do not need that anymore. I have won many of my previous skills back. I have developed myself creatively, so all in all it has been a pretty good year.
I miss something. All my friends are working and they continue. The retirement age in Denmark is 67. (I am 57 years) I have therefore decided to create a website to sell miniature furniture. It has been seen before, so what is new here, you might wonder?. Nothing is new, but for me it's new. I run not by faith in big profits. But I hope to have fun and to develop myself.

My profile will be;
- to sell new furniture - I got hold of a wholesaler.
- to sell my own decorated furniture
- perhaps sell other people's miniature things

I do not expect to sell abroad because the shipping is very expensive, but I hope to get hold in the Danish market. I do not think I have many Danish readers of my blog, so I have, a huge challenge her.
I will in the future, need advice in relation to how I can get in the Danish market. I will now and then ask you about various things in relation to my future sales page. If you want to give your opinion, I would be grateful. 

I will continue blogging, I love blogging with all of you. It gives something very special that is hard to put into words. I will end  with all this, for now. Thank you for your patience.

 I've made a little scene where I am thinking that a cooking book author or a food critic could work. It was also time to do something in bright blue.

I have been lucky enough to receive a nice birthday gift from Tatiana.
She made ​​a delicious cake. She has also made ​​a nice basket and a very pretty little box with mirror, comb, brush and a beautiful bottle. Every woman dreams of a box like this.
Then she knitted a little hat and made ​​yarn and started a nice little knitting. Note both baskets are lined with fabric, it is so well done.
Do you not know Tatiana`s blog, take a visit to her, she can do EVERYTHING. 

So beautiful. Thanks for all the gifts Tatiana. I feel again so spoiled.

Welcome to my new followers

Wendy Riggins  
Luce  Fediere