Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lots of surpries gift

I have received lot of gifts from sweet blog friends. Despite the fact, that I do not have time to blog at the moment. So very lovely to be remembered, even though I'm a really boring blogger.

I am in the process of making a new shop where my customers can put in basket, it take so much time, to put pictures in and understand the concept in the shop.
At the same time I also have to produce some exciting miniature for the shop, I feel I am three weeks behind.

 I often think about you,
On you, who would like to have a nice cold and snow-filled winter
On you, who are pleased whit a mild winter
For you, who plagued by illness
On you, who live in troubled worlds

I wish you all the very best.
A bed I made for my shop

Here lovely gifts from Yolanda, I feel very lucky and am so glad for all these lovely gifts. All so well done. Thank you Yolanda for thinking and remember me. 
Many hugs and thanks from me. 

 Christmas balls, Christmas stocking and chocolate. all so very fine

Lovely gifts from Mely, So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for all these treasures, I love them. Hugs and thoughts from me

I am so in love with these beautiful roses Mely  use to decorate with, they are so lovely and well made.

 Note the beautiful house

From a very lovely and talented lady, Tatiana. .
Thank you Tatiana for these lovely gifts. You get a special greeting with wish and hope for the best for you and your country.

Tatiana's very own designed vase. So lovely. 

Lovely Christmas tree so tiny.

This house is also so tiny.


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