Monday, 25 March 2013

Lovely gifts

I've been so spoiled. I've been fortunate to win several give aways. I have won Mieke and Jazzi and they have just come safely. It's a very special feeling, to wrap a gift up which another person has put energy, creativity and emotion into. It was with great awe that I suddenly stood with the minis in my hand.

Both the ladies have sent a sweet card with a greeting.
I am a total overwhelmed and would like to share it with you.

From Mieke have i got this and it is all just my style. It fits so well with everything I've done for the past two room boxes.

 I've been so inspired by all the pretty little things.  

 From Jazzi I have received all of this.

 All these things have Jazzi made​​. Imagine having such beautiful pillows (this is probably the closest I come to Australia).

Thanks to both of you for all my lovely gifts. I will take good care of them.

Welcome to my new followers

Nina In  Germany 
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Elosia Malak 

Have I not visit your blog yet, is it because I could not find it. So please help me find you. 


Thursday, 14 March 2013

My Boutique, Part Two

I have known for a long time that I have to write a post on,  Award. I love to be recognized and my "Liebster Award" I have received from Tatiana,  am I so happy and grateful for. Also because it has become a very lovely and great blog friendship between Tatiana and me.

I do not like the feeling Award gives me. Insecurity about if someone chooses me or not.
I do not like to  choose some in and some out.
It sounds a bit hard, but they say "Blog friends are real friends" and I do not choose by my friends.

I love to be recognized, and it is so lovely when you make a comment on my posts. I am so grateful for each and every comment and they all get read with great joy and expectations.
I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's feelings. I hope you understand. I respect that others have different views an opinions about Award. But my blog is hereby Award free.

Now you get the second part of my Pink Boutigue, but the second part is not just pink. So the name is actually quite misleading, so I must get a new name! 

The Daisy is a gift from Drora.

It is so overwhelming, but in a good way, to receive so many sweet comments and I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart.

Welcome to my new followers.

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Have I not visited your blog yet, it is because I could not find it. So please help me.