Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pink Boutique

Here is the first half of my second room box. I have enjoyed so much to make this box.
There a color more in this room book, you will see it in my next post, Perhaps you can guess what color
 pink & .....

Thank you for all the positive comments on my last post. When you as I live up here in the cold north, with 
the implications of a few sunny hours, I had an idea that it is only us who are very concerned about the weather, but I could see from your comments that also you is occupied of the sun and light.
I wish for all of us that we will get a wonderful and, an early and sunny spring.

The candlestick on the disc I got it from Tatiana as a gift
I have made boxes and shoes and small jewelry and rolled ribbon on. Etc.

 I've made lots of lace on spools, it was so nice to sit and do. I have sewn pillows, made ​​boxes and some perfume bottles.

 more lace and bags with purses.

 Here a homemade pattern book with beautiful models.

  Fabric by the meter needs

The fine little box is decorated with sea shells and is a gift from Drora 

As you can see, I have put a small winter garden on, you will see more later.

In my post "Ma boutigue avec accessoires pour Ladies", I had also decorated with some flowers from both Tatiana and Drora. When I post a new post, I am not so detailed in what I write, as it really is my intention. It annoyed me afterwards.
I'm so focused on showing my pictures, so I must practicing, to be more detailed in my writing to you.

Thanks for all your sweet comments and welcome to my new followers.



Friday, 22 February 2013

A little black again.

In Denmark we have had beautiful sunny weather but still below freezing. Despite the cold, there is a feeling of spring coming, if it is the whether`s light or it my desire for spring, I do not know,but it feels really good.

I started to move, in my office, so that the desktop comes up against the window. I suffer from winter depression, and next winter, I will sit near the light I'm so addicted of. Our apartment is in the summer as a greenhouse.

In spite of my spring feeling I have again made something in black, something I have to use with something else, when I get there.

I have made the little green wreath which I'm a little proud of, my first attempt at something like flowers. The white flowers are a gift from Anne.

Here's the scene with a white rug.

Here I have made ​​a cutlery box and some candles and a small bottle box.

Again,  thank you for your interest and welcome to new followers.

Susana Galvez
Rosa M
Olga asensio de haro  (I have not found your blog?)


Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A couple of chairs.

I made 2 different chairs, I have enjoyed making them. The romantic was pretty fun to make, here I could really kick it.

However, I am more for red wine than I am for tea and cake
When I take pictures and put them here on my blog, I thought they fade much in the colors. I do not know if it's my camera or me behind the camera that is causing the problem? It's pretty irritating.

I've been lucky enough to win in Jazzi `s birthday giveaway. She is 50 years today, big Congratulations from Denmark.  You can find her here.

Again thanks for all your sweet comments and welcome to new followers. Have I not found your blog yet? please write your blog address, and I will come and visit you.

Yolanda Moràn 

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Thank you for your interest in my giveaway, it has been exciting and is fantastic with so many new followers I have visited so many interesting blog, seen so many exciting and creative unfoldments and being so lovely inspired.

I thank you, both to come by and post comments and make a reference to my give-away.

The winner is ksandra from ksandra will you write your address to me at - Have I not heard from you by Friday 8th February, I draw a new winner

Congratulations to ksandra 

I have been fortunate to receive the most incredible gifts from Tatiana from

When I opened the package I was  total speechless. So fine gifts and so many. I was so happy and so moved when I packed her gift up. Tatiana I thank you from my heart.

I am deeply impressed with all that she has sent me and how well done it all is. It was all packed so carefully into small plastic bags, very professional.

See the big hydrangeas, they are amazing looking so big and so powerful in their quality. The blue and pink are even shades of their color. The flower pots she has made is so different from the romantic with lace and the height a little raw in it. My pictures are not good enough, but she has put some lace on one big pot, very elegant.

I love all the roses. The flower pot is so beautiful and the long,  roses turns into a beautiful bouquet. The bridal bouquet is indescribably beautiful.  I now have so many flowers so I can make my own flower sho

The orange is so fine, note the different flower pots.
The 2 tiny pots: look inside the flower, Impressive that Tatiana can make such a small flower. Both flowers and flower pots are beautiful.

The bridal bouquet is indescribably beautiful. Note the loop she has bound and some small roses are not yet in bloom, it is so well thought out and so well done. 

The small glass figurines are so beautiful. The swan is Denmark's national bird and the elephant is one of my favorite animals, they are very beautiful.
The little plastic things, the small bowl, pot, flower pots, again so small and so well done. The little apples are perfect. Note the small pink bag

 I came completely overwhelmed when I look in the little box. So fine a miniature work. See the small spools, all the good tool buttons and the scissors and crochet hook. I am so impressed and delighted to own such treasures. The wood box is so nice and the little opening and closing mechanism is completed.

The book is also completely incomparable. I have read it, as it opens, it is filled with hearts,

I have to find my creative spirit and find out something very special for Tatiana.

Tatian can do everything she can work in all materials. You should visit her blog, she has a great giveaway

Thank you Tatiana, with all my heart, nice that you are one of my blog friends.

Again thanks for all your sweet comments and welcome to my new followers.

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