Thursday, 22 November 2012

Teddy bear in pink

I have seen so many sweet and fine teddy bears around in blog land, so I felt like trying myself.. I love the pink and lace, so here I could kick it.

I'm not sure that my teddy bear are completely satisfied with all this stuff to be pink or maybe she will not be at the center? I think she looks a little uncertain.

The other day I told you about my hobby for some sweet ladies, and while I talked it dawned on me why it is so hard for me to be focused on a specific job. Example completion of Louise's house. The reason is, when I visit all your amazing inspiring blog, I see a lot that I want to try, make a bag, sew a rug, make a teddy bear house, etc. I simply can not wait to try all the new challenges. I drop everything else and start to do new things again and again.

I hope this is going to be a teddy bear house. One day .......

The furniture I bought used at a garage sale, painted them and decorated with pink stripes. My teddy bear has also gotten a little Christmas pillow.

My best minis and they will always be my minis.
I have for many years wanted a picture of my two girls together. It was worth to wait on, they are so beautiful and lovely together.

I just photographed images, therefore the poor picture quality. 

 This picture is enlarged up to a very large size, and hangs in my living room I get so happy and warm when I look at these pictures.

Thanks for all your sweet comments and welcome to my new followers





  1. The little teddy-girl looks so cute with her pink outfit <3

  2. Hello Wyrna,
    Terrific Teddy bear! You did a really great job. I just love her dress and she looks lovely in the room (nice job revamping the furniture)! I have to agree that there is so much wodnerfulw ork out there and so many great ideas it's hard to stay focused on 1 project. Those are beautiful pictures! you have a very beautiful family.
    Have a great day,a nd I can't wait to see what project you'll embark upon next.
    big hug,

  3. Hello Wyrna! Your little teddy bear looks so cute with her pink dress. Also her room is very pretty.♥
    And what comes to your real little ones! Your girls are very beautiful and photos are great!♥
    Hugs, piikko

  4. Hello Wyrna! wonderful teddy bear!!se ti fa piacere passa da me per un gineaway!kiss!

  5. Hello Wyrna! your teddy bear is very beautiful, I love pink colour. The furniture is perfect for the bedroom. You are very creative and that is very good. Congratulations you have two girls very beautiful.

  6. Hello Wyrna :) Your teddy in her pink outfit is adorable. The furniture looks great. I know what you mean about trying all the wonderful things we see on other blogs lol Its fun though right ? ;) Your girls are gorgeous congratulations on your best mini's :)
    Hugs Maria

  7. Your teddy bear is adorable!
    Congratulations for your wonderful girls.
    Bye Faby

  8. Hi Wyrna, I love seeing all of the things you try. You inspire me to try new things too! Your teddy bear house is looking adorable already--I love your style in whatever you do. Your girls are beautiful--you must feel so proud of them! xo Jennifer

  9. Hi Wyrna, your little teddy is so cute and adorable! I can imagine what you say about inspiration on all other blogs: yups, making miniatures is contagious!!!
    You have to be proud of your girls, it is wonderful picture of them :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Hi Wyrna! It is always such a pleasure to see your posts. There is always something new you´ve tried out and made in mini, that is very familiar to me! I´m also collecting unfinished projects, but now I prefer to start little projects as roomboxes..which makes it easier to finish. Your girls look so beautiful, what great pictures of them! Hugs, Sandra

  11. Flutterby told me to give you some advice: A teddy bear house will need lots of honey pots and mugs with honey milk... ;O) Your beary is pretty in pink - but even more pretty are your two gems, the pics of your daughters are beautiful. And what you say about trying something new and starting project after project - ah, this sounds so familiar... ;O)


  12. Hi Wyrna,your little teddy bear is so cute and adorable in pink !
    You did a great make over on the furniture, making mini`s is a wonderful hobby that never ends :)
    You little girls are sooo lovely, the best mini`s ever !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  13. Hola Wyrna,el osito está muy gracioso, y tus hijas muy lindas,besitos

  14. Hi, Wyrna!
    I love your sweet teddy bear! Now you need to choose a name to her!
    The furniture looks amazing! A great and lovely work!
    Your girls are so pretty and sweet face! Beautiful photos!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. du rose et du bleu, une "oursonne" très mignonne, de beaux meubles, et les jolis sourires de vos deux filles.
    Voici de quoi voir la vie en couleurs !!!
    Amicalement. rosethé-Minima

  16. your pink teddy bear is so cute and I loved the picture of your girls, you must be so proud,

  17. So cute teddy dressed in pink!! Your daughters are so pretty!! A big hug

  18. El osito es muy bonito, es muy gratificante experimentar con nuevas ideas ¿no es cierto? Tienes unas hijas son guapísimas. Un saludo, Eva

  19. Que preciosa osita de rosa, me encanta.
    Tienes unas preciosas hijas!!
    besitos ascension

  20. Oh, Wyrna, she is soooo adorable! Beautiful daughters you have. It is such happiness to have daughters!

  21. Your daughters are very beautiful, I can totally understand how those photos will make you smile every day.

    And how cute that little teddy is!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, no the book is only in French, however the illustrations are very good so it's possible to work from it even if you don't read French. I do sometimes type a little into Google translate if I feel I really want to check I'm understanding it correctly.

  22. You made a lovely teddy and I'm sure she'll be happy with her clothes and surroundings.
    Yes, I see you allow yourself to change direction with the excitement of starting something new! This the beauty of our little hobby. Join the club!
    Fabulous photos of your daughters. Gill x

  23. Your girls are gorgeous! :)
    And I love the fact that your little bear has her own miniature teddy too (and the sweetest Christmas cushion). I share with you the same passion for everything tiny and cute, and I really hope you'll bring on your hobbies! :)

  24. Quelle jolie et douce oursonne! Cette petite scène est ravissante!!

  25. Awwww! You have beautiful girls Wyrna!

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