Sunday, 30 December 2012

I have received lots of Christmas gifts.

I've just returned from a lovely Christmas break and has now the opportunity to show you what fantastic Christmas gifts I received.

Fabiola  was in charge of a Christmas gift swapping. Thanks for that. It has been exciting and fun to make gifts and absolutely wonderful to receive mine gifts.

From  Tatiana I received this beautiful card and so many fine gifts. I have a great desire to once visit Ukarine. So beautiful it is.

So many gifts. Note the little snowman. He is tiny and so perfect.

The finest Christmas balls in pastel colors in a nice little box, very adorable. Beautiful candlestick with shelter, where the wax has run down, very perfectly made​​.

Note the pots, the big have different shades of color and the little is so tiny. I am very impressed by this beautiful work. 
The flowers are amazing, they are so perfect in quality and it is so fine Flower Pots Tatiana have made. I am very happy for them.

Here a perfect tray to the lady of the house. Here is everything you need to, to start a good day.
A flower of love, necklace and hot coffee and cake.

Many many thanks Tatiana, to, make these great gifts. Many hugs and kisses.

From Drora I have received all these fine gifts.

The fine tray, with small mini clams is something very special. Drora writes that they are from "the sea of Galilee" It is very symbolic to get a Christmas gift from this very place.  I am very moved to sit with them in my hand.

She has made ​​these two different kinds of flowers. One in a vase and one in the pot. They are very beautiful and so well made​​.
 This little fine box is decorated with sea shells. I remember my grandmother had one. It is special for me and I will find a place for it in my Boutique.

See the fine little doll. She has given me an idea for a new shop.

Then there is the snowman teapot and the fine striped teapot, maybe I should make a small collection of teapots.

Many thanks for all the gifts Drora, many hugs and kisses.

 see you again soon



    Enjoy your lovely gifts!
    Hugs, piikko

  2. Preciosos regalos,Feliz 2013,besitos

  3. Dear Wyrna!
    I am so glad that we have met on blog and have made Christmas swap!
    Have a Happy New Year!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Your gifts from Tatiana and Drora are all wonderful. So many beautiful treasures from two very talented ladies. Enjoy :)
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hugs Maria

  5. You received the most beautiful miniatures from two very special blogfriends, these two are as talented as generous and above all two darlings. Best wishes for the New Year!


  6. What gorgeous miniatures you received, Wyrna! They're all treasures. What a wonderful first mini Christmas! Happy new year! Here's to more happy mini days this coming year! xo Jennifer

  7. congratulations Wyrna, wonderful gifts!! happy new year and I hope all your dreams come true.Hugs

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  9. Félicitations Wyrna !
    Ces jolis cadeaux sont aussi de purs moments de bonheur. Je vous renouvelle mes *Meilleurs Voeux* pour 2013 !
    gros bisous. rosethé

  10. Wish you a Happy New Year, both in Italian and Swedish. Buon anno! Gott nytt år (I wonder if it sounds somehow similar in Danish)! :)

  11. Your gifts are so cute:) Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Candy:)

  12. Happy New Year to you too!
    Gorgeous gifts!

  13. Che bel Natale!!! Quanti regali, sono davvero bellissimi! Auguri per un nuovo anno felice e ricco d'amore,

  14. I'm glad that you received many wonderful Christmas gifts.
    Happy 2013!!
    I hope your dreams come true...
    Bye Faby

  15. Everything is so beautiful! Happy New Year! May 2013 be filled with many new wonderful projects!

  16. Hello Wyrna!
    The gifts are gorgeous! Enjoy them. We will be glad to see what project you come up with next!
    Happy New Year!
    Many hugs and kisses, Conny

  17. Hello Wyrna!
    Congratulations for your gifts and your new proyects will be a success.

    Knus og Kys
    Marisa by Minilys

  18. Preciosos regalos.
    Feliz año nuevo mi querida Wyrna.
    Mil besos...Julia

  19. These very wonderful gifts are from two talented as generous ladies in our blogworld, Wyrna. Enjoy your treasures!
    I wish your family and you a healthy, prosperous and creative 2013 too!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  20. Lots of lovely minis!

    Happy New Year.

  21. Wonderful gifts!
    Take this opportunity to wish for you and all your loved ones a wonderful New Year too!

  22. Dear Wyrna,
    I'm wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2013!!
    I`m looking forward to see all the beautiful things you will create this year :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  23. Wyrna, Happy New Year to you too!
    so beautiful gifts! Enjoy
    warm hugs

  24. Dear Wyrna,
    The swap chain was fun and we all got beautiful new treasures to play with. I am happy you liked what I sent.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hugs, Drora

  25. So many cute little presents you received ! You must be very happy.
    I wish you again a very happy new to you and your family.

  26. Ciao Wyrna, scusa se ti lascio un messaggio qui non riesco a trovare il tuo indirizzo e-mail, mi puoi contattare tu?
    Il mio indirizzo è
    Un bacio e grazie,

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