Friday, 22 February 2013

A little black again.

In Denmark we have had beautiful sunny weather but still below freezing. Despite the cold, there is a feeling of spring coming, if it is the whether`s light or it my desire for spring, I do not know,but it feels really good.

I started to move, in my office, so that the desktop comes up against the window. I suffer from winter depression, and next winter, I will sit near the light I'm so addicted of. Our apartment is in the summer as a greenhouse.

In spite of my spring feeling I have again made something in black, something I have to use with something else, when I get there.

I have made the little green wreath which I'm a little proud of, my first attempt at something like flowers. The white flowers are a gift from Anne.

Here's the scene with a white rug.

Here I have made ​​a cutlery box and some candles and a small bottle box.

Again,  thank you for your interest and welcome to new followers.

Susana Galvez
Rosa M
Olga asensio de haro  (I have not found your blog?)


Have a great weekend


  1. exquisite work as always Wyrna, very classic and classy ;)

    I sit by the window now myself for the light, the end of winter is the longest time isn't it?

    Soon we shall see green *hugs*

  2. Bellissima scena in bianco e nero, molto elegante! Mi piace molto l'abbinamento degli oggetti. baci manu

  3. I like your boxes and the wreath is very good for your first try :)

    I know how you feel about winter, Im sick of it myself and I long for spring

    take care

  4. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Весна уже рядом! Скоро будет тепло! Все будет хорошо!
    Ваша сцена очень элегантна! Столовые приборы и свечи выглядят богато и утонченно! Зеленый венок и цветы хорошо дополняют сцену. Все смотрится прекрасно!
    Большое спасибо за подарок!!!
    Много объятий

  5. it looks very elegant!! yes..winter...what should we say in compoarison to your temperatures??? :) But i hear from friends in Germany that the birds are coming spring must be in the air!!! :)

  6. Hello Wyrna, I am following you for sometime now and I think you make lovely miniatures; so romantic. Your wreath is beautiful, I hope I can make one myself one day....but I think I need a tutorial :-)
    Would you like to visit my blog someday?
    Greetings from Liduina

  7. Es una escena preciosa, el blanco y el negro se conjuntan a la perfecccion y todos los detalles son una autentica maravilla, enhorabuena por tu magnifico trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  8. I like black and white. Very elegant.
    Bye Faby

  9. Hello Wyrna, are beautiful and very elegant miniatures. The black adds a sophisticated. I understand how sad winter without light, but your models reflect a very beautiful special light, follow your heart and you will not notice if the winter is cold or not.

    A big hug! Marisa

  10. Hello Wyrna!in Italia nevica e anche noi aspettiamo la primavera!!!!bellissimo lavoro in bianco e nero!un bacione e buon fine settimana!

  11. I think your wreath is beautiful and I really like the items you made on the table. Very nice. I am also a fan of dark colors and black.


  12. Everything you've made is gorgeous, Wyrna! The close-up photos show the details really nicely. Everything looks so realistic and elegant--great job! xo Jennifer

  13. Que bonito, me ha gustado mucho!!! meencanta la combinación de blanco y negro.

  14. A very elegant display. I love the table with all that's on it. Your boxes are perfect, especially the one with the cutlery. Great work!
    Hugs, Drora

  15. Wyrna, such a charming vignette you have created. I love those little containers you have made to hold cutlery and bottles. Your wreath is splendid. I always feel so motivated and inspired when I visit you. Hope you will soon be feeling well. Depression is never easy. Take care!

  16. Hej Wyrna. Allt ser så elegant ut. Du gör så fina installationer. Lådorna är toppen!

    Kram från Lil i Sverige

  17. I totally agree with you... I wish winter would leave us alone - but what did we get today? That da*n white, cold stuff falling down from the sky... *blarg* Good decision to move your desk towards daylight. I really like your little scene, you put some lovely details in it and your wreath is lovely. I found the first pics very interesting, it's always great to see how the mood of a scene becomes different when you change something like in your case the floor.


  18. Es muy elegante, me encanta el toque que le has dado.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    Mil besos...Julia

  19. Una escena muy bonita y elegante. Y esperemos que llegue pronto esa ansiada primavera. Un saludo, Eva

  20. Wow Wyrna, you made some gorgeous miniatures !!
    I love the cutlery box and the little wreath is sooo cute :)
    Everything looks very beautiful and elegant, you did a great job !!!!
    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  21. I think a little black can look really good in a room and your scene is very stylish, with all those lovely accessories. We are in summer here but it has been cool and stormy quite a bit, with extremes of temperature we don't usually get. Global warming I guess.

  22. bonjour Wyrna , j'aime ces petites choses en noir et blanc, le noir est élégant et un rien l'égaie. La petite couronne verte est jolie !
    Ici c'est du moins 7° encore hier après-midi.
    Depuis quelques jours, les cigognes commencent à revenir et à s'installer sur les nids, un signe, qui annonce l'arrivée du printemps !
    Bonne fin de semaine. rosethé

  23. Beautiful work and pictures!! The little cutlery box is so sweet <3 Hugs Eeva

  24. Que elegante!!!!
    los detalles sobre la mesa,preciosos,perfectos!!
    me gustan mucho tus trabajos wyrna
    un besin

  25. I like the things on the table very much! :)

  26. Come sempre le tue scene sono di una eleganza impeccabile, bellissime mini!
    Un bacio

  27. I guess everyone, who live in winter time now, will need more daylight at this moment. Spring is on its way, but when...? Good to read you moved your desk to the window.
    The minatures you've made looks so elegant and beautiful, very stylish, Wyrna, my compliments.
    Warm hugs and some sun beams especially for you :D!! Ilona

  28. Unfortunately we have no sun. It´s not so cold anymore, but it snows the whole day. I am also depressed by the winter.
    Your new projekt is nice. Especially the door wreath. I like the old charme of the wood and usually door wreaths. The small silverware and the candles are also beautiful.

    Nice sunday

  29. Hi Wyrna! Here it is the same, I´m missing the sun but this year we have more and longer snow than usual. Again I am surprised how good the black looks in your little scene. I love the little wreath, the cutlery box and the did a wonderful job! Hugs, Sandra

  30. Love this! And your cutlery box has just inspired me!

  31. Wow Wyrna your scene is very beautiful and elegant. I love the cutlery box and the groups of candles. Fantastic work as always :)
    Hugs Maria

  32. esa escena es preciosa , y muy fina



  33. Hi Wyrna,
    It's a very nice scene.I love black and white combination and I love cutlry box.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Mininubes de angeles

  34. Great work! I wish I has time for minis; so busy with jewelry!

  35. Que preciodsidad de entrada esos trabajos son lindos y te han quedado de lujo, besitos.

  36. Hi Wyma! Your table scape is really lovely and romantic! I like your decorating style a lot! The colors that you have chosen are very very attractive and inviting! I think your wreath is cute and the weathered shutter is a beautiful backdrop to display it on. Great worK!!!


  37. Hola querida, comprendo como te sentiras. A veces el invierno nos deprime,aunque yo vivo en una isla tropical. Aqui las temporadas no son visibles en los climas y el ambiente. Se vive en un eterno verano! Sin embargo me gustaria que aunque sea tuvieramos un poco de nieve, ja,ja,ja. Ya vez , yo deseo lo que a ustedes les sobra, Te felicito por tus bellas creaciones! Son fantasticas! cada etalle unico! abrazos , Rose M

  38. Lovely photos - I especially like your little candles and the cutlery box.

  39. Lovely things!! I love the cuttlery box:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  40. As always, nice work!!!

    Hugs Wyrna

  41. Precioso trabajo. Te ha quedado muy fino y elegante.

  42. I really like everything your work is beautiful :)

  43. Your candles are so sweet Wyrna, and I love the shuttered door with the wreath.
    The winters are long here in Canada also. It feels like it has snowed more this winter than any I can remember.


  44. Hermoso trabajo, me gusta mucho la caja de los cubiertos y la corona en la puerta.
    Espero que no se alargue mucho el invierno y pueda disfrutar pronto de una calida primavera.
    Carmen (Hadanet)

  45. Hola Wyrna, no podía encontrar tu glog pero al fin lo he conseguido. Me encanta la escena que has hecho y las cajitas son perfectas, muchas gracias por seguir mi blog, me quedo por aquí para no perderme tus bonitos trabajos. Besitos

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