Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vacation in Paris and Germany

I hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all a wonderful summer and summer holidays for those who are going on vacation.

I also need a holiday now, I can feel that my stress has stuck its ugly head out again.  So after the holidays I have to make a different structure in my life.
I still have it so much better than a year ago. It has helped blogging. To have contact with all of you, is so rewarding life. Remember, if you ever come to Copenhagen, you are always welcome to stay with me.

I'm going to Paris on vacation, we drive Thursday morning. I shall down to the Tour de France and am so fortunate, that I have to find myself at the VIP area on Sunday, when it all ends. The reason we are so lucky, is because my husband is invited through his work.

I will of course visit some miniature shops. I have the address of  two shops.

When we drive home, we crossed the "Alsace route", it should  be so beautiful. Then we drive up through Germany, and we will find some small cozy villages and spend the night in.

This my last design, I call it "Bird and roses in pink.

I wish you all the best, see you once again in August.

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Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
Come back soon


  1. Hello Wyrna! This is gorgeous work, my compliments! I love the colorscheme you use!
    I wish you a wonderful journey and holiday to France, enjoy your trip! Try to slow down and realx and you will be feeling better soon :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Hi Wyrna, I'm sad to hear you are not so well, enjoy your wonderful holiday and you will come home happier. I love your pretty pink and blue room!

  3. Hola Wyrna ante todo, disfruta mucho de tus merecidas vacaciones. Tu trabajo es magnífico, me encanta como combinas los colores, esta escenita está de dulce!! Besitos y feliz verano.

  4. Na dann... schönen Urlaub und gutes Wetter!!! Bis dann

    und liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  5. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Вы много трудились в этом году! Отдохните хорошо в Париже!
    Получите море наслаждения и прекрасных эмоций!
    Ваша комната очаровательна! Очень нежная и романтичная!

  6. Hello Wyrna,
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and enjoy every minute of it. Get some rest and take great care of yourself my friend.
    The roombox is so fresh and lovely. I would sit in a room like that and have breakfast every morning. The way you used the pink pattern is wonderful.
    Big hug,

  7. Pretty, pretty roombox! Have a Great holidays wyrna!

  8. Wyrna Hello, your last job is a dream 'of beautiful details and my sometimes unthinkable, to perform, however are always at our disposal THROUGH your blog, to delight!

    So I wish you a wonderful holiday, you can enjoy all that you find your way, with your husband, and even thumbnails can visit shops, a hug! Rose Marie

  9. te deseo un buen viaje y que compres muchas miniaturas , estos ultimos muebles son preciosos , me encanta lo dulce que parecen



  10. This room is very refined. I like the colors and the atmosphere.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday and mini purchases.
    Hugs, Faby

  11. I love your new roombox Wyrna, it's so beautiful! I hope you enjoy your holidays and take a deserved rest! A big hug

  12. Que preciosa escena Wyrna, me encanta.
    Esxpero que disfrutes de tus vacaciones.
    besitos ascension

  13. What a beautiful roombox, Wyrna! I love the colors you've chosen, and the wallpaper is gorgeous. Enjoy your holidays. May you free your mind of any stresses and just have fun! xo Jennifer

  14. Très joli scène! les tons sont rafraichissants!
    bonne vacances!

  15. Ciao Wyrna, sempre molto raffinata la tua scena. Ti auguro un buon viaggio per la Francia e la Germania, sono posti splendidi e di sicuro l'animo si gratifica.
    E fai buoni acquisti di mini che poi sono curiosa di vederli!
    Un caro abbraccio, Manu

  16. Hola Wyrna!
    Felices vacaciones! vas ha hacer un viaje precioso!!La escena es preciosa!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  17. Una escena preciosa, me encanta.
    Un abrazo.

  18. Hi Wyrna! Have a wonderful holiday, fine weather and a lot of inspirations and a happy time! Your furniture looks wonderful again :-)
    Hugs, Sandra

  19. Hello Wyrna your roombox is beautiful. The colour and design is very pretty :) Have a wonderful holiday relax and enjoy.
    Hugs Maria

  20. Es un rincón muy agradable, me encanta. ¡Que pases unas felices vacaciones!. Un saludo, Eva

  21. Have a wonderful time and come back refreshed. Very pretty miniature scene as always.

  22. Magnifique cette dernière création, très élégante et raffinée comme toujours !
    Je te souhaite une très jolie promenade à travers la France, Paris une ville que j'adore ! (j'y ai vécu pendant très longtemps) l'Alsace une région pleine de charme, où je vis actuellement. Il fait très beau et chaud, j'espère que cela va durer ... Bonnes vacances !
    Bisous. rosethé

  23. Very pretty scene. Paris and Germany, what a nice program! Happy holidays! Hugs, Valérie

  24. Good vacation! I' d like to live in your gorgeous miniature.

  25. The room is so beautiful!!! I can't get over how gorgeous it looks! I wish you a wonderful and restful vacation :)

  26. Have a wonderful time - I'm wishing you many great moments to cherish, nice experiences and above all a good recovery. Get rid of that stress! And don't forget to wave "hello" when you're driving down the A 7 heading towards Hamburg... ;O) - You're new room looks lovely as always, very elegant - and in my opinion one can never have enough roses...


  27. Your latest room is perfectly enchanting, Wyrna! The colors are so pretty together.

    I'm so jealous of your trip... I hope you get some rest and relaxation. I know that you will surely love the Alsace region.

    Bon voyage!

  28. Your holiday plans sound so lovely. Hope it will be cozy and that you will feel good of a vacation.

    The work you've done with this roombox is amazingly nice!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  29. Hi Wyrna, Your planned holiday sounds like a dream, touring through France and Germany. Hope you take some photos to share with us and that you come back feeling refreshed. Your roombox is so pretty too!

  30. Dear Wyrna, your work is always radiating with a frienly and kind atmosphere. Now again this lovely little scene in pink, blue and white. I hope you will have a nice holiday in France. Just leave all stress behind you, if possible :-)
    Hugs, Liduina

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  32. Such a beautiful room box. It sounds like a lovely holiday coming up. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  33. Such a great job on the room. The flowers are so delicte. I envy your trip! Please con't forget to share your visits to the mini-shops with us!

  34. So adorable room! I love the colours <3 And your holiday trips sounds very nice, I hope you have a wonderful holiday <3

  35. Hello Sweet Lady! I hope that you have a Marvelous time away and that you come home totally refreshed and full of enthusiasm. Your little room is such a reflection of you Wyrna! There is so much harmony and serenity infused within. Your wallpaper is well chosen and the accessories compliment the furniture so well. Very feminine and very very pretty!


  36. Wyrna, es preciso, muy elegante y chic!!
    Un besin

  37. So beautiful ! I like the color so much. Have a great time on vacation !

  38. Le tue scene sono sempre bellissime e molto raffinate, buone vacanze!

  39. Bellissima scena Wyrna buone vacanze in Francia!kiss

  40. Mi querida Wyrma que envidia me das de tu viaje a Paris, si que eres muy afortunada.
    Esa habitación es tan dulce y delicada como todas tus creaciones, disculpa por mi ausencia pero no han sido meses faciles para mí.
    Espero poder tener tiempo para dedicar a todas vuestras creaciones.
    Feliz verano amiga mía.

  41. I was born in the Alsace area. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Glad you got some funscheduled into your summer.

  42. Felices vacaciones, seguro que lo pasarás muy bien ,disfrutando de esos países , ya nos contarás a tu vuelta.
    Tu escena es encantadora:-)

  43. I hope your vacation has been fun. Beautiful roombox!
    Many hugs, conny

  44. Hola Wyrna! Te ha quedado una escena muy bonita y muy fina no le falta detalle, tienes muy buen gusto para la decoración felicitaciones!,un saludo Adriana.

  45. Wyrna Hello, I'm glad your holiday and congratulate you for your gift so beautiful. As always looking forward to seeing your new creations. a hug, Marisa

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