Monday, 19 August 2013

I've had a terrific holiday. Paris offered delicious food, fine wines and lovely champagne.
We took Alsace Routen on the way home, it was a beautiful and very romantic experience. We spent the night among other things, in Strasbourg, also a beautiful and charming city. I am so filled with inspiration for upcoming mini-projects, my task now is to prioritize.

I obviously had visited Leah's shop in Montmartre district. An amazing experience. Her shop is mostly an exhibition of houses she has built. She sells a few basic furniture set and a bit of her own thing.
I swallowed all of these visual impressions of her beautiful and inspiring houses and interior design. She has a fantastic French style. What surprised me most was how thin and fine it all was. Her panels on the wall, so fine and so thin. Her clothes on hangers, so fine and thin. It's all very beautiful.

In addition, I came up with 2 other miniature shops, they sold furniture and houses. They are located in a small passage with many other stores. They are almost next to each other. Both stores have a very large selection, one store is significantly cheaper than the other. Across from one shop, is also a bookstore which sells books on French residential style through the ages.

I bought lots of magazines from both France and Germany. On the French market, I found some lace and I bought a few u-painted furniture.

Pain d'épices, 29, 31, 33, passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris

When I got home, I received a gift I was so fortunate to win a few days before my vacation starts. The gift has traveled from Germany, enjoy the pictures. It is from Ulrike from She makes the most amazing bears.

 Very nice box.
 Out look  Pitty, but  I have renamed her. Pretty is her name now, she's so sweet and so pretty and so full of expression.
 Sweet cards, chocolates and fine scarf. I use scarves, all year round. (wrinkles saved so well behind such a scarf). Pretty and I will share the yellow scarf
Ulrike takes the most amazing photos. Often her teddies get up of decorative cups. My picture does not come close to the expression as Ulrike get . See the pictures on her blog, they are always very very beautiful.

Note Pretty's sweet and expressive face and the delicate paws. I thank you from all my heart, I love pretty, she's adorable sweet. She brings smile when I see at her. I will take so much care of her. I am impressed how complete she is. Ulrike I send you lots of hugs and kisses. Thank you.


My blog has been 1 year. Therefore, it is appropriate to show what I have received of gifts from all around the world. Some of the presents decorates already in some of my room boxes.

You've seen gifts from

I thank you for all the presents. It has been a pleasure, this first year.
Hugs and kisses to you all.

Thanks for all your sweet holiday greetings.

Velcome to all my new followers.

Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them
Come back soon


  1. Hello Wyrna,
    Happy Blog birthday,
    I am so happy you started a blog. Your work is beautiful and so much fun to see, and getting to know you is a real privilege. I hope you will blog for many, many more years.
    I am so happy you had a lovely holiday! I love Paris! but now you are back and we will get to see more of your art...Yay!
    A great big hug my friend, and once again congratulations on 1 year.

  2. Hi Wyrna! Happy Blog Birthday!!
    I am glad you have a great holiday in Paris, and everything you have bought looks so nice:) I love your roombox with all the gifts you have received:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  3. Hello Wyrna!
    Happy Blog Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Glad you are back to your blog though! I can't wait to see your future creation after this trip! Your room box is so beautiful! It's amazing how you managed to include all your gifts but it makes somehow a cohesive décor ^_^

  4. Pues bienvenida de tus vacaciones y felicidades por tu blog-cumpleaños.
    Esa escena con tus regalos te ha quedado muy compenetrada. Te felicito.
    Un saludo

  5. Pretty is pretty indeed!
    Good to read you had great holidays Wyrna!
    And the roombox with Friends gifts is really fantastic idea!

  6. Good day good lady!

    I am so happy you got to travel to such a inspirational and beautiful place, I hope you are charged with ideas!

    You have honored all your beautiful gifts in a lovely box.

    Can you make more beautiful mini's than you already do? we will see ;)

  7. Hello Wyrna sono felice che tu abbia trascorso delle belle vacanze in Francia. Amo molto Parigi ci sono stata quattro volte! bellissime le spese delle mini e grazie per avere mostrato i bellissimi regali!un abbraccio e un bacione!

  8. Дорогая.Wyrna!
    Поздравляю с годовщиной блога! Я рада, что Вы провели хорошо свой отпуск. Увидели много интересного! Мы с мужем только что вернулись с моря! Отдыхали в отпуске на Черном море!
    Поздравляю с замечательным подарком! Медвежонок очень красивый!

  9. Hello Wyrna! I am so happy that you had such a delicious holiday and enjoyed the sights and sounds of beautiful cities and lovely mini stores and eateries! Your welcome home bear is beautifully crafted so cuddly and I wonder if you will give him a name?
    I love the way that you have collected all your gifts that you have received from friends and have them so well arranged and displayed within this feminine room box! What a great collection it is but I am sure that you will soon need another room box before too much longer. This is only your first year and already it is full! You are so well loved and respected in blogland and such a pleasure to know! Congratulations on your First year Birthday blog, Wyrna. Being a part of It, has been just like a Fairy-tale Come True! for us all!


  10. Congratulations for first blog anniversary!
    I can tell you had a wonderful vacation with lots of nice experiences the results of which will be shown later on in your work.
    Hugs, Drora

  11. Dear Wyrna, it's nice to read you had a lovely and inspirational holiday.
    I can understand you are very happy with the gifts you received from Ulrike; especially her tiny bear; he is so cute!
    Just one year of blogging and already you received so many fantastic gifts from other miniaturists. But a kind and attentive lady like yourself deserves it!
    Hugs, Liduina

  12. I got the impression you've had a fantastic time during your vacation... ;O) Happy 1st Blog-Anniversary, it was a good decision to start a blog - how else could we have "met". And it was so much fun to see all those beautiful gifts you received so far together. What a roombox full of pieces of art from so many talented and generous people.


  13. How great to hear about your wonderful holiday in Paris and elsewhere. You made very good purchases. thank for the links. Congratulation to 1-year old blog. ♥ You received beautiful gifts and I love the room you made with them. and Teddy..adorable!
    Have great week! Hugs, piikko

  14. cara Wyrna dalla tua descrizione e dagli acquisti sei molto contenta del viaggio che hai fatto. Mi fa piacere di rivederti nuovamente attiva e con una bella presentazione di tutti i doni che hai ricevuto.
    Complimenti per il tuo primo anno di vita del blog.
    Un abbraccio, Manu

  15. Felicidades por este año, ha sido un placer conocerte y ver las preciosidades que haces.
    Todos los regalos son una maravilla :-)

  16. Que bonito te ha quedado con todos esos regalitos.Feliz cumple blog,y bienvenida de vacaciones,besitos

  17. Felicidades mi querida amiga.
    Preciosos regalos, sin duda te lo mereces.
    Gracias por regalarnos este año.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  18. So many lovely things in one post, Wyrna! I'm so glad you had such a good time in Paris. Your miniature shop visits sound so fun!!! Congrats on your beautiful purchases, Pretty bear, and lovely mini gifts after one year of blogging. I'm so happy you are in blogland! xo Jennifer

  19. Congratulations on one year of blogging Wyrna, you have some beautiful gifts. And what a wonderful and inspiring holiday you have had, you have also bought some great pieces to decorate, we don't see ones like those in Australia.

  20. Paris et Strasbourg vous ont séduites, elles ont en effet énormément de charme !
    Que de merveilles sur votre blog Wyrna, vos miniatures et les précieux cadeaux reçus.
    Bonne continuation ! Bisous. rosethé

  21. felicidades por este año, los regalos son preciosos!!un besazo

  22. Dear Whyrna

    it is nice, that you are back again. Nice for us, for all your followers, who like to see what beautiful scenes you make. I'm also happy, that you had a beautiful holiday, that Pitty has a nice new home, that you are so delighted and I'm happy that you write your blog. Congratulation to the first birthday.


  23. Felicidades por el año en el que nos has mostrado maravillosas miniaturas. Veo que has tenido unas vacaciones estupendas y has hecho unas buenas compras. Un saludo, Eva

  24. Congratulation for you and one year old blog. Thank you very very much for your kindly commets. I am pleased to hear that you had a nice vacation. I visited Leas boutique too. I admired her dollhouses and many details of them. You have found really beautiful miniatures during your journey. Have a nice week. Hugs Kati

  25. That sounds like such a fun trip. You made gorgeous purchases. Congratulations on 1 year blogging. I hope you are fully inspired by your travels and ready to amaze us with your work. Thanks for the link too!

  26. You´ve found fantastic treasures on your holiday trip. I hope you have recovered you well.
    Your roombox is full of great memories
    Hugs Melli

  27. I'm glad you had a great time in France.
    It's a very good idea to have put all the gifts together in a roombox.

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