Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween

I have once again been so lucky to win a giveaway. This time from the very talented lady, Jane from  MiniFanaticus. She is not only talented, she is also a very generous lady, who willingly shares her knowledge. She has make several tutorials. Right now you can go over and see how to make pumpkin.
Thank you Jane, it's quite overwhelming with all these lovely Halloween treasures. I love them, and what a scene I suddenly was able to do.

Look at that creepy hand, skull and teeth ..
.Visit Jane  and see how she's doing the pumpkin head. 

Note the small toffees and the fine little candy bag. The orange in plastic, are small miniature candy pumpkins.
To make them so completed and get them into the small bag, is  impressive well done.

Jane sent me extra gifts, so I got delicious fruit and cupcakes

The weather does not provide the best opportunities to take pictures, I am so sorry for the  picture quality, it all looks so much better in real life.

I've got so much inspiration for future projects. It is so  very special, s to sit with others minis in my hand. It is very very overwhelming, but so nice. 

Thank you Jane, it's an amazing gift you sent to me. I send you many thoughts, hugs and kisses.

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  1. Es una escena fantástica!!!! Feliz halloween para ti también!!!

  2. Great win! Enjoy these pretties Wyrna!

  3. felicidades por todos esos preciosos regalos , es cierto con poco mas puedes montar una escena genial , ya veo que los estas disfrutando mucho



  4. Congratulations for your wonderful prize! Jane is a generous lady and the gifts came right on time to make a fantastic Halloween scene.
    Happy Halloween and hugs, Drora

  5. That's a truly fantastic giveaway! You did wonderful with the photos. It has the right atmosphere for Halloween!

  6. Поздравляю с фантастическим призом!!!!! Джейн создает прекрасные миниатюры!!! Вы сделали очень интересные фотографии!

  7. Mi querida amiga felicidades porque has recibido aparte de unos regalos de lo más bonitos dentro de lo que significan, me encantan, has recibido mucho cariño por parte de tu amiga, sí que ha sido generosa son una preciosidad en su categoría ¡¡que gracia ¡¡son de verdad para ponerlos como tú has hecho cada detalle cada rinconcito estampados en unas fotos que te han quedado preciosas, me encanta la entrada es genial, besitos. Y feliz Halloween.

  8. Congratulations, Wyrna. You created a very festive scene for Halloween.

  9. What a colorful display and a generous friend! :-)

  10. Congratulations for the winning!The scene is very pretty and spooky!

  11. Congrats on your win! And
    Happy Happy Halloween!
    Hugs, piikko

  12. Congratulations on your wonderful win, Wyrna! Jane is so generous and talented. Her tiny candies are my favorites! Enjoy everything, you lucky one! xo Jennifer

  13. Congratulations on your gorgeous win, enjoy all your new goodies, Wyrna! Jane is very talented and she is very generous to spoil you with some extra gifts!
    Happy Halloween. Hugs, Ilona

  14. Congratulations on this fantastic win - and right in time for Halloween. Have a boo-tastic day... and now you have enough candy for the little trick or treaters... ;O) Beautiful work from a very talented and generous lady.


  15. Congratulations on your fantastic win. Jane is a very talented generous lady. Enjoy your wonderful new treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  16. You made such haunting and festive scene! I am humbled by your post ;)

    My best to you and your family!
    Hugs Jane.

  17. Amazing win!! And happy Halloween for you as well ;)

  18. It's a perfect scene for Halloween. Congratulations for the fantastic win.
    Hug, Faby

  19. Hai improvvisato una bellissima scena, le mini che hai vinto sono davvero molto belle, e con poco sei riuscita a fare una bellissima scena, complimenti,

  20. Your were so luck, Wyrna, to win such cool Halloween stuff. And thanks for the link!


  21. Congratulations on this fantastic win!
    I am to late to wisch you Happy Halloween, but I can still wish you a great November!

  22. Congratulations! Jane is so talented, and she seems like a nice person too =) and so generous =)

  23. Congratulations on winning a Giveaway! Wyrna, thank you for your comment on my blog. It is sad that Bloglovin doesn't send you my updates even though I am signed up with it too, very weird. It is weird also you mentioned about not getting updates from me. I've noticed that I am getting less comments from you recently and was wondering why. I miss them. Each year I pick up a blogger who left the most of comments and send gifts as a sign of appreciation of following and reading my posts. Guess who is winner this year? Seriously, Wyrna, thank you for following my blog and your very detailed and thoughtful comments. Please, send me your address I can ship your gifts to. My e-mail is Mini hugs, Natalia

  24. Congratulations Wyrna, you're so lucky, are wonderful gifts!! Enjoy! Hugs

  25. Hola Wyrna
    Has hecho una fantastica escena con todos esos preciosos regalos.
    Me encanta Halloween y cada uno de los detalles que has utilizado.
    besitos ascension

  26. Escalofriante escena wyrna, pero me encanta.
    Millones de besitos...Julia.

  27. Hi Wyrna,
    When I followed your blog I didn't have time to leave a comment but was meaning to later. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I love all your Halloween minis, especially those candles!
    Have a great weekend,

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