Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My sewing shop

Several have written and asked what my homemade room box is made of.
I bought an Ikea cupboard where I did not use the back cover. I used it to this room box. It is a masonite plate, easy to cut and saws in. 
It measures 60 cm long and 30 cm deep.

This chest of drawers has been a boring dark chest one.. It is now painted and  the drawers are made of cardboard covered with straw hats.

 The sofa has also been in dull dark wood, it is now covered with pink fabric with lace on the outside.

I have put two large windows at each end. The windows ahve I bought.
 Outdoor have I put cement on in rough strokes, then I have painted it. Decorated it with various wood molding.

Sorry for the picture quality. The box is in a closet, with wery little lights possibility.

I have made shutters of ice cream sticks

I am working on a new little room box, in PINK. I will show it when I'm done.

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  1. Your sewing shop is amazing with many details. I like the furniture, accessories and colors.

  2. It´s really beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. This roombox is extremely beautiful! I love the combination of white with pinks and blues. Very elegant. :)

  4. Es muy bonita la habitación de costura, me encanta la decoración y los cálidos colores que has elegido para ella. Felicidades por ta buen trabajo!

  5. Brilliant! very impressive! so detailed, love it!

  6. You have made a Very Delicate and Feminine sewing shop Wyrna. You have made an environment that is a Very Pretty Place for the local ladies to not only shop at, but also meet to share local gossip and goings on. Who would ever want to leave and go home? :D

  7. Meraviglioso negozio adoro l'azzurro e il rosa sei bravissima! Kiss

  8. Wonderful roombox. I love all the gorgeous details. The colours look wonderful together. Beautiful job Wyrna.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Es una escena preciosa con muchísimos detalles .Me encanta el diseño.

  10. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Два окна и французская дверь смотрятся замечательно! Я люблю обновленные комод и диван! Вы сделали большую работу Ваш швейный цех наполнен множеством прекрасных вещей! Все так продумано и уютно! Вы молодец! Я с нетерпением жду ваш следующий румбокс!

  11. Hello Wyrna,
    It is such a beautiful shop. Using the Ikea leftover was a great idea! The furniture you transformed is just beautiful and everything in the shop is just right. The final effect is beautiful.
    Big hug

  12. This is lovely Wyrna - I went in close to see all the little details. Great idea to use the Ikea box.

  13. I' d love to go to shop in your adorable sewing shop! All the accessories, the furnitures, the details , the colours are just gorgeous

  14. IKEA once had (or still has? Anyhow...) the slogan "Discover the possibilities"... Well, you've discovered the best possibility for this shelf for sure! Your roombox is truly pretty and has your handwriting on - and your makeover of some furniture pieces is awesome. And now for the new roombox - I'm really looking forward to see it!