Monday, 22 October 2018

New room box design

I have bought this room box long time ago. Now I have decorated it. 

I asked here on the blog if some could recommend a fair I can participate in. I was recommended 
Have I signed up for the fair 1zu12 May 2019. Unfortunately, it is the year of jubilee and therefore is there many, who wish to attend. I'm on the waiting list. Hope to get along.

I made the table myself of thin, thin wood. I will try to take new pictures. I do not really know,  if I'm going to paint it.

The closet was a big job I have cut wood from the doors. Decorated with embroidery fabric.

A KIT I bought a long time ago. It was so difficult to gather. I'm not good at wood KIT.

Thanks for your visit


  1. Un bonito bajo. ¡Qué tengas suerte con la lista de espera!

  2. Creo que pintando la mesa ganaría muchísimo. Con un efecto envejecido puede quedar genial con esos detalles tan bonitos que le has puesto. Suerte con la lista de espera! :)

  3. Your new shop is enchanting. The closet is so romantic. I'm curious to see more.
    Good luck for the list!