Thursday, 26 July 2012

Still on vacation, but now with access to the internet .. jubii

I had a little nerves about having to leave my blog "sail its own sea" in a few weeks.
Therefore, thanks to you all, thank you for visiting my blog while I enjoyed life in Prague. Thanks for coming on the return visit. Thanks for all the wonderful and nice comments. 
And yes Norma i enjoyed being whit my family and I have been wildly inspired, Vicky, now stand new ideas in a queue inside my head. Caroline, I did it. Before the trip I felt dependent on the network. terrible as a teenager by his mobile. 

Now I am back in Denmark and is in our lovely cottage in Rørvig. I've had some fantastic days at Prague. charming town, sweet people, nice food.
We drove through Dresden, where we also had a few nice days. I have never previously visited Dresden, so I was surprised by the imprint of the old princely interfering. Width boulevards, huge castles monumental buildings. I must go back a second time. We also took a couple of nights in Potsdam near Berlin. Charming town. I am fascinated by the way the old East Germany has been renovated on after the fall of communism. It seems to me that they have rekonstruktreret the old buildings beautifully.

Still on vacation
In Prague, they had a lot of beautiful dolls in national costumes. It was hard to choose, but the beautiful purple skirt, I could not resist.

 Is she not -  just beautiful?

In Dresden they do much in small miniature boxes, size (5.5 x 3.5) I found this set of beer mugs and beer barrel. Maybe a bar or banquet hall.

The angels were on all in Dresden. They got me to thinking about all of you miniature blogger. They are also with us. I did think, they not really belonged in Dresden. It is one of "our" many brands.

See you soon - hugs from



  1. Hi Wyrna! Glad to see that you are enjoying your vacation :O) And somehow I am also a little bit proud that you liked the time in Germany, although I am in Bavaria. I was in Dresden around 1990 and also had the impression that there are many more of the "old" buildings than here, these must look gorgeous now! Your doll made me smile, she so full of energy, isn´t she? Enjoy your free time!
    Hugs, Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra
      Thank you for your comment. We love to holiday in Germany. You have so many wonderful places. You also have those small towns as in the "old days" were filled with sanatorium. It is also charming cities today. Our youngest daughter was 3 weeks in summer school to get better at German, and she became good.
      We are in Berlin once a year. In Denmark, we consider Berlin as Europe's New York.
      I have asked you, on your own blog, if you know some miniature shops in Berlin?


    2. Hi Wyrna! As I have never been to Berlin myself I asked the girl´s of my online forum. Seems to be difficult :O( You can have a look here: (here you have to ring for the opening times of the shop)
      Closed at the moment, but maybe it´s open again next time you´re in Berlin, is this museum:
      If I should get more tips I will let you know!
      Hugs, Sandra

    3. Hello
      Thank you for your prompt reply. I will write down the addresses of the stores you refer to. Checking out a little on the net. When I return I will let you know how it happened.
      I hope you get the chance to visit Berlin one day. It is a very exciting city, which I enjoy very much.
      Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Hi Wyrna,
    I am glad that you are enjoying your holiday, it sounds amazing and it is great that you are feeling inspired!!
    I love the doll you found in Prague, she is so beautiful and the beer mugs and barrel are lovely too.
    vicky xxx

  3. Hi Vicky
    Thanks for your nice and quick reply. I think it requires "tread carefully" blogging. I just now some difficulty in keeping the overview. When I wrote a new post last night, it did not take long, so had you commented on it.
    If you have time to respond to the challenges I face in, I get so super happy that Twinkle can hear me.
    Is there a special way I can keep an overview of the comments I write on people's blog?
    When I write a comment, it automatically writes that it is from Wyrna Christensen, I would rather it did my blog name, how do I change it?


  4. Hello Wyma,
    You have a great blog! Love the doll and the beer mugs and barrel. Germany has beautiful things. I lived in Wiesbaden & Mainz for 10 years - and loved every minute of it! My youngest daughter was born there and I wish that I had bought more of their miniatures.
    You lucky duck!
    Many hugs and kisses, conny