Monday, 2 July 2012

Ice cream sticks again and again

Hello everyone
I still have some challenges in all this blog something, but I will get it learnedjust have some patience with me.
My miniature challenges;  I often have so many ideas of something I want to do that I do not get taken a direction. but I am in too many ways at once. Sometimes I become passive because I can not choose direction.
I wish that my miniature expression, the term could reflect a certain style, there will be a recurring theme in my work. Unfortunately, I am too flaky and style uncertain for it to happen. Otherwise, it is because I actually like the style of many species and might just have to accept this.

I have been active this weekend we have had reasonable summer weather in Denmark, nice, so I could sit out and work.

I bought a used dollhouse online, there followed a lot of furniture. Among others, this thread sofa. It was originally white but now I've given it a little patina and sewn cushions and pillows

I have made some round flower boxes in ice sticks. Can probably also made ​​oval and square. (got the idea while I was writing, so now it must be tested). There may probably also be made large barrels? There are 3 sizes, the large is about a Pepsi cap.

I've also tried making "tin cans" it's about being very præsis, difficulty with lids. I found the instructions and pattern of lemondecratidecatherine

This cabinet must at some point be in a room with the couch - but I can not really find the right color for the closet. Originally it was in dark wood with glass.
I think there is too much "red" color on it. Does anyone have a suggestion?

            I've made a photo collage of the "French couch". I love these kids pictures.

I would like to bid welcome to my blog. I am very very happy that you have chosen to become followers. Hope that I can make an exciting creative process, so will come back again and again.

Welcome and Thanks to:
sera XIS

Hugs from


  1. Hi Wyrna,
    I also have many, many ideas and sometimes find it hard to focus on a particular direction. I have to keep a note book with all my ideas or I get too overwhelmed :)
    You've made so many wonderful things, I love the flower boxes and tins and the cabinet and photo collage are fantastic!!
    vicky xx

    1. Hi Vicky.
      Thanks for the council. I have now made ​​a list of all my future projects. Now I must try to become more structured when I choose my future projects.
      I really like, the most, from the girlish pink, to the worn white, it offers many opportunities. At the same time it is also very exciting to try out many color options. I just need to be better in my choice. You have a "red thread" in your work. I hope to make that, someday.

  2. Hi Wyrna, i love your style! I like all the mini's you made. I wrote under your previouse post, By mistake, please take a look.

  3. Hi Wyrna,
    I read your reply, and I'm really glad you've started making lists, I find it really helps.
    Thank you so much for the lovely things you said about my work, it makes me truly happy and I appreciate the time you take to write such lovely comments!!
    vicky xx

  4. The couch is gorgeous! Everything looks so cute! Thanks for the welcome!