Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Shabby Look

I thank all of you, who visit my blog. Thanks for all the comments, thanks for your help when I've asked for it.

I got of course plenty of inspiration as I traveled around in my vacation.

I bought many life style magazines, which inspired me to make an "open decorative cabinet" in the shabby look.

 A greenhouse I bought many years ago at Farum Festival. 

I crocheted the pink pot holders of the thinnest yarn, it is as thin as thread. I could only do it in daylight and sitting way up in the window.
"The cabinet" is made of thick cardboard and ice cream sticks.

Several things are "borrowed" from my kids, the picture in the black frame and the two blue and white cans is something they've played with. They had a playmobil dollhouse (it is saved for the grandchildren). On the shelves to the left there are some blue and silver plates, these ones I have made in self-drying clay.

The cupboard is pink, blue and with a little gold. I change the rear cover on the middle shelves for something else. When I see the picture, I can see it must be changed.

                             Another a shabby look inspired "open cabinet" of cardboard and painted in silver.

That's all for now. I had this time great problems
to get the images to be in a certain range result.

It is a pleasure to welcome to:


  1. Well done on the cabinets! It's amazing what illusions can be created by cardboard :) You've got lots of interesting little accessories too.

  2. Hi Wyrna! I guess the blog PayPal button is not working. I can list one on Etsy for you. Do you think that will work? Or I can try sending you a PayPal invoice. You are not suppose to have to be a PayPal customer. So I don't know if it really failed or if something is wrong with the button. I'll save a softcover for you. It's $45.95 with shipping. Let me know if you want to get it and which method you want to try. If you want to try paypal again I just need your email address(mine is If you want to do etsy I'll send you the link once I have made a listing for you.
    big hugs,

  3. Hi Wyrna,

    thank you for joining my blog lately - I had some difficulties finding yours but now I managed. Better late than never... ;O)

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Hi Wyrna,
    I love that gorgeous pink cabinet and your tiny crochet, eveything you've been working on is lovely. The little cabinet looks great in the greenhouse!!
    vicky xxx

  5. I love the little cabinet in the greenhouse. The pink and blue dresser is wonderful. You have a lot of beautiful items in them all.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Hi Wyrna, so beautiful miniatures in your blog,It's a pleasure to visit it!! Miniregards from sunny Spain.

  7. Hi Wyrna, your shelves are lovely and the greenhouse looks like great fun.

  8. Me again! I'm so thrilled you like the book! You are such a sweetheart for letting me know. I love your minis and I'm glad I can help by sharing my techniques.

  9. Para mí todo un placer, el ser seguidora de tu blog ¡Me encanta!!!!
    Cada miniatura es preciosa♥
    Un abrazo

  10. Hej

    Jag gillar din sida och du har många fina miniatyrer.

    Hälsningar Anne