Saturday, 27 April 2013


I need blog help. I have reached following 300 blog, and can not be allowed to add more. I can see from some of you, that you follow, more than 300, please how do you do that?

I have a idea I would like to share with you., many of you probably know this, but there are many new blogger. So.
Silky paper, we get it wrapped around flowers, porcelain and clothing. We can buy it in different colors. Silky paper can color the water and thereby color lace, white fabrics, etc.
I have so much in white, and it is so expensive, constantly buying new colors, in this way I can save a little, and it's fun.

You can leave it long or shorter in the water, depending on how strong the color should be.

 After the picture was taken, I put the lace down under the paper, it lay for a couple of hours.

Here in blue. Enjoy. 


Thanks for all your comments. I love to read them.

Come back soon 


  1. Hello Wyrna, thank you so much for this very usefull hint! I have silky paper lying around at home and always regarded it a drawback that the colour was not waterproof. You made me look at it in a new way. I am going to try it out; it will be such fun!
    I hope you will find a solution to your following-problem. I have the impression you are leaving a comment on every post you receive; I don't know how you manage but it is so kind and generous of you!
    Hugs, Liduina

  2. Wyrma es una idea fantástica la forma de teñir , seguro que lo intentaré.
    Lo de los seguidores me pasó también a mí, la solución es hacerte seguidora desde el blog que visitas, no desde el tuyo, así puedes hacerte de todos los que quieras, feliz fin de semana:)

  3. Какая интересная задумка!!! Только вот что это за вода?????

  4. Dear Wyrna,
    Thanks for the very useful tip.
    Sorry, I cannot help you with your following problem. I remeber reading other bloggers complain about it. Maybe if you try again and again.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. hi Wyrna!i can't help to your problem...nice tip for the rest!!thank you!kisses!

  6. Hola Wyrna, gracias por tan estupenda idea lo voy a probar. En cuanto a tu problema, se que hay compañeras que se han quejado de lo mismo pero siento no poder ayudarte, espero que alguien lo pueda hacer. Besitos

  7. Thanks Wyrna for this tip that I didn't know at all. It can be very useful.
    Concerning your problem I'm sorry but I don't have the answer.
    Hugs from Karine

  8. The idea is great. Thanks for the suggestion. I do not understand the problem: your blog reaches 300 followers and the stop number or that you can not become a follower of most blogs. Seeketh the information in google. Knus

  9. Thanks for the useful tip.
    I follow 500+ blog with google friend connect and I haven't problem to follow more. I have your problem if I add a blog manually.
    Bye, Faby

  10. Great tip, Wyrna!
    A little color is always good for the soul. ;)

  11. Wyrna, I have the same problem as you: 300 blogs I can follow now and no more :( I don't like it either, but I don't know what to do about this.
    Thank you so much for sharing the tip about coloring the fabric with this colored silky paper. Never thought about this ;)!!
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Ilona

  12. Great tip!
    Concerning your problem I'm afraid I can't help you. I have no idea how many blogs I follow. If I reach 300 and can't follow more I would be very interested, like you are, to know how to do it.

  13. I remember I had the same problem but completely don't remember how it was solved, so Fabiola's idea may be a good one. Or try Blogger help in Blogger options?
    Great tip and beautiful lace!

  14. Hej!
    De bloggare som har Followers join this site klicka på den och gör sedan som det står där.
    Så har jag gjort och det fungerar för det mesta.
    e-mail mig hvis du har spørsmål
    Britt i Sverige

  15. Thanks for the tip. Your lace tablecloth became really nice with the new paint. This tip can be very usefull.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  16. Fantastic tip Wyrna thank you for sharing. Sorry I can't help you with your problem. I follow a lot more than 300 but I can't remember how this problem was solved. I hope it is solved very soon for you.
    Hugs Maria

  17. It makes me seriously mad that google keeps changing the rules and is preventing people from following your blog. I'll get to the bottom of this and get back to you :)

  18. Sorry to hear about your problems with blogger, I wish I had an answer to your problem. Thank you very much for your tip - the doily looks lovely in this light blue.


  19. Hello Wyrna !Bellissimo il centrino in azzurro!!!kiss

  20. Grazie per il suggerimento, ci provo. Il tuo pizzo è diventato di un bellissimo colore di azzurro. Un abbraccio Manu

  21. Thank you Wyrna for this tip :) I must try this!

  22. Dear Wyrna, about your problem, I'm afraid I can't help you, I follow a lot of Blogs and I never had this message.
    The tip about coloring the fabric with this colored silky paper is awesome, thank you so much for sharing :)
    I hope you will find a answer to your problem and wish you a wonderful weekend !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  23. Wyrna, I'm not sure if this is the reason why you're having this problem, but it I think it is. Basically, this fellow blogger says that there is no limit to the amount of followers you can have, but there is a limit to the amount of blogs you can follow. You can't follow more than 300. You could still follow other blogs by email, or RRS after you've reached the 300 blog following limit. Here is a link to a post about this problem. Let me know if this helps!

  24. Hi Wyrna, I had your problem in Blogger, and then Rosamargarita told me about Google Reader. You can follow as many blogs as you like in Google Reader, which is already on your computer. Unfortunately, Google Reader will go away July 1, so you can use another reader to follow your blogs. I think I am going to use Bloglovin (, because I hear good things about it. I hope that helps you! Thank you for the nice tip about coloring fabric--great idea! xo Jennifer

  25. Wyrna, merci pour l'astuce ! J'espère que vous pourrez résoudre rapidement, le problème des + 300 blogs
    Bon dimanche !
    Bisous. rosethé

  26. Hello, I can be a follower of any blog that has a follower button on their site, but if I want to add another blog to my list it is not possible so the few I want to follow but can't add to my list I save them as a favorite and read them occasionally.

  27. I love what you did to that lace Wyrna! Clever girl. I'll give that a go sometime x

  28. Hello Wyrna:) I guess I can help you a little bit with your problem:) I had the same situtaion. But since I reached the magic number of 300 blogs, I add all the new ones manually and in this way I follow over 1400 blogs! I noticed it yesterday when I moved to bloglovin. And now how to add the blogs to the list of your favourite ones - I click on "Project", then "Layout", then "Your favourite blogs" and now you will see "Configure your list". In the bottom left corner click on "Add to the list", now you have to copy the address of your new favourite blog and paste it into the field "Add URL address". Then click on "Add", and finally in the bottom left corner click on "Save". And everything is ready. I'm not sure if the English names which I gave you are correct because I use the Polish version of Blogger, but I tried to do my best to explain it to you. I hope it will work - let me know, please:) Hugs, Małgorzata

  29. Sorry I can´t help you with your blog problem!
    Thank you for sharing this great idea with the silky paper. It looks fantastic in blue now

  30. Hola Wyrna
    Gracias por compartir ese fantastico tuto.
    No te puedo ayudar con tu problema, a mi no me ha pasado y ya son mas de 300, lo siento muchisimo.
    besitos ascension

  31. Como te ha dicho Rosa Mª de "Contrastes" puedes seguir a todos los blogs que quieras. Solo tienes que hacerte seguidor desde el blog que te gustaria seguir, pinchando en los seguidores, donde pone "join this site".

  32. Привет!
    Замечательная идея!
    Извините, я не знаю, как помочь с такой проблемой! Надеюсь у Вас все получится!
    Хорошей недели!

  33. Hei Wyrna! i guess you already got answer to your blog problem. At least I hope so!
    Thank you for the hint. I did not know this before and I think that this is very useful idea.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, piikko

  34. Great idea!
    Thank you very much.
    I cannot help you with your problem.

  35. hai friends ..

    thats my blog...
    i need a small help,
    about search gadget in my blog..plzzzz help me

  36. I don't know how to help you with your question, sorry!

    Great trick! It's very useful. I have some tiny white lace that I intend to use for my dollhouses! Thank you for the tip!

  37. Una idea estupenda!!!! Gracias por compartirla!!!!
    Con tu problema no te puedo ayudar, no tengo ni idea, espero que alguien te de alguna idea!!!!
    Besitooos y feliz semana.

  38. Hello Wyrna! love the way that you used the paper for dye! Brilliant!


  39. The best thing for your problem is that the blogger has to have a follow button. That's the easiest. You can also go to your blogger dashboard and add the blog url manually. But I'm not sure that works.
    The dying process is great!

  40. Hi Wyrna, You commented on my blog last week and said you had sent me an email but I haven't received, I didn't want you to think I was ignoring it. I hope you have the 300 following solved, I remember deleting some that weren't mini-related some time ago.

  41. Ohh Wyrma lamento no poder ayudarte porque no tengo ni idea.
    Es genial esa idea de tintar las telas con papel, gracias por informarnos.
    Pásate por mi blog estoy de sorteo.
    Mil besos amiga mía.

  42. Dear Wyrna,

    I do hope that you have sorted your following problem - it is hard to find out what is going on with blogger sometimes.
    What a great idea with dying - your doiley looks so pretty in blue. Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a happy week

  43. yo sigo más de 1000 me permito añadirlos si lo hago desde mi blog en "añadir a la lista" pero sí si lo hago desde "seguidores" del blog al que quiero unirme ...el problema lo tengo ahora con el reader , la mayoría de las veces no carga las actualizaciones ....

  44. Wyrna, que idea para teñir es fantástica, y el resultado mejor aún.
    Cómo te dicen las compañeras de afición, tienes que seguir los blogs desde el propio blog que visitas, así podrás hacerlo sin problemas...a mi también me pasó.
    Un besin,

  45. This has such pretty things, wish I could make stuff like that ;)

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