Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A little light blue and another gift.

Dear all.
When I started blogging almost a year ago, it was because I had lot of time "left over". I was stopped in the labor market. This,  because of several years of work-related stress. I am a qualified pedagogue and has worked with drug addicts for many years, an exciting job but there was, among other things too many funerals.

When I at the beginning, wrote on your blog, I sat with small sticky notes and wrote down everything. I do not need that anymore. I have won many of my previous skills back. I have developed myself creatively, so all in all it has been a pretty good year.
I miss something. All my friends are working and they continue. The retirement age in Denmark is 67. (I am 57 years) I have therefore decided to create a website to sell miniature furniture. It has been seen before, so what is new here, you might wonder?. Nothing is new, but for me it's new. I run not by faith in big profits. But I hope to have fun and to develop myself.

My profile will be;
- to sell new furniture - I got hold of a wholesaler.
- to sell my own decorated furniture
- perhaps sell other people's miniature things

I do not expect to sell abroad because the shipping is very expensive, but I hope to get hold in the Danish market. I do not think I have many Danish readers of my blog, so I have, a huge challenge her.
I will in the future, need advice in relation to how I can get in the Danish market. I will now and then ask you about various things in relation to my future sales page. If you want to give your opinion, I would be grateful. 

I will continue blogging, I love blogging with all of you. It gives something very special that is hard to put into words. I will end  with all this, for now. Thank you for your patience.

 I've made a little scene where I am thinking that a cooking book author or a food critic could work. It was also time to do something in bright blue.

I have been lucky enough to receive a nice birthday gift from Tatiana.
She made ​​a delicious cake. She has also made ​​a nice basket and a very pretty little box with mirror, comb, brush and a beautiful bottle. Every woman dreams of a box like this.
Then she knitted a little hat and made ​​yarn and started a nice little knitting. Note both baskets are lined with fabric, it is so well done.
Do you not know Tatiana`s blog, take a visit to her, she can do EVERYTHING. 

So beautiful. Thanks for all the gifts Tatiana. I feel again so spoiled.

Welcome to my new followers

Wendy Riggins  
Luce  Fediere



  1. Så bra att du mår bättre nu efter din svåra tid!

    Tycker jättemycket om ditt ljusblå rum. Färgerna stämmer så bra med varandra. Det ser ljust och vackert ut.

    Grattis till presenterna!

    Kram från Lil på Lilsdolls

  2. I'm glad that you feel better now! I like very much your blue-coloured room, it reminds me of summer and sea <3 And what a nice birthday present! Hugs, Eeva

  3. Hello Wyrna,
    What a difficult job that must have been. Congratulations on your new adventure. I wish you great successs! The blue room is so lovely and delicate and makes me wonder if you concidered making small roomboxes or vignettes to sell on your site. i think you are very talented and I know there would be a market for your work...possibly even at arts and crafts fairs. Keep up the great work Wyrna, you can do it!
    Big hug,

  4. Wyrna Hej, jeg synes det er modigt at starte helt forfra. Jeg ønsker dig fra mit hjerte styrke, tålmodighed og frem for alt succes for din nye professionelle projekt.
    Jeg er en af ​​dine nye medlemmer, og du kan ikke finde min blog. Prøv under
    Hilsen Britta
    P.S. Jeg tilgiver typo stadig praktiserer

  5. love the blue room!! i especially like the style of the desk. I believe that mini'ing is very therapeutic.. glad to hear that you're feeling better!
    The birthday gifts are cute! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Very dainty and lovely. This light blue does good.for the soul.
    I can understand, that burdening your previous Job. What a great idea, to establish an store. You have talent. I wish you good luck


  7. That must have been an extremely hard job you had! I am happy you found something else more cheerful to do. Congrats on your future project! Good luck with your new shop! Since you have many international readers, I think selling abroad is still a good option. Your work is beautiful so I think customers will be swayed by your art. That blue room is exquisite! I would love it to be a full-size one for myself :P

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for your new plans and happy you feel better and found yourself.:)

  9. Good Luck!!! it is a great idea and i am very much looking forward to seeing your shop! the blue composition is wonderful! :)

  10. Wyrna Hello, I am very happy for your decision. I know how you felt, I experienced a traumatic experience that almost cost me my life because of stress. To my miniatures have helped me a lot, you can express them and dump your illusions. Life gives you a second chance, take it and be happy. I'm sure you'll get lucky, because you have talent. a big hug, Marisa

  11. You have always been a wonderful blog friend and inspiration to many of us!

    This is what your beautiful talents have naturally lead you to. You create so many beautiful things it is just the next step to let them go be loved in other homes!

    I hope you feel the support and hugs this big community is giving you. If you ever need anything to help with your dream, let me know.

    Jane <3

  12. Dear Wyrna, I wish you luck with your new project and am also very happy that you'll still be here.
    During the year, I got to know you and your blog. You are one of my favorite online friends. Your work is beautiful and colorful. I am sure it will be appreciated by future customers.
    Also, congratulations for Tatiana's beautiful birthday gifts.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. I love your miniature furniture and wish you warm wishes and lots of hugs in your new business venture!
    Love Ruth

  14. Hola Wyrna, le deseo mucha suerte en su nuevo proyecto, seguro que si, sus trabajos son muy lindos y usted tiene mucho talento!!!!
    La escena azul es preciosa!!!!
    Felicidades por tan lindos regalos y por su cumpleaños!!!

  15. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Я желаю Вам творческих и коммерческих успехов! Я знаю, что у Вас Все получится. Ох! У Вас была такая тяжелая, психологическая работа!...
    Занятие в блоге действительно радует сердце!
    У Вас очень красивые сцены. У Вас большой талант!

  16. you threw a new word at me that I had to look up :) Good luck on your new business venture and I hope it's very relaxing and profitable for you!

    Hugs and well wishes
    Marisa :)

  17. Hello dear Wyrna auguri per il tuo progetto tu sei bravissima avrai sicuramente successo!bellissimi i regali di Tatiana e una meravigliosa scena in azzurro!kiss

  18. Good luck for your new adventure.
    Your blue room is amazing. I also like Tatiana's gifts; she's an artist.
    Friendly greetings, Faby

  19. Hi Wyrna, It's great to know you better. That job sounds really stressful--I'm glad you're done with it, and I'm so happy that you're feeling better. Many of us with blogs can relate to your story. Making miniatures is so therapeutic, and it will continue to be, as long as you take things slowly and don't put too much pressure on yourself in your new venture. I'm excited about your new business and so glad you'll still be blogging. Your mini rooms are fantastic--I'm sure you could sell them and furniture and accessories. BTW, I regularly buy from foreign shops, so you may be able to sell internationally too. Your blue room is bright and gorgeous, and Tatiana's gifts are wonderful--congratulations on all of the above. :-) xo Jennifer

  20. I wish you luck with your sale of miniatures, I hope you do very well! Your blue roombox is absolutely beautiful,it will have been very elegant. Congratulations for those gifts so beautiful, enjoy! A big hug and lots of encouragement!

  21. Hello Wyrna, I partly recognise myself in your honest and personal story and therefore I feel a little moved by it. I think you're wise to try and do the things that make you really happy. And I wish you so much luck with it, I hope it brings you whatever you need and wish for; inspiration, nice contacts with others, creative development....everything! Hugs, Liduina

  22. Te deseo mucha suerte en tu página, la escena en azul es muy bonita, como los regalos recibidos.

  23. Hello Wyrna :) Your blue room is wonderful I love it you are very talented. I am glad that you are better now and that we have gotten to know you. It is a pleasure to know you through your lovely blog and am very glad that you are not giving it up. I wish you every success your work is amazing. Congratulations on your beautiful gifts from Tatiana enjoy.
    Hugs Maria

  24. Dear Wyrna! First I would like to wish you good luck in your new endeavour. You are a very talented lady. I think you must have been very good in your line of work because I have always felt from you a caring and a gentle kindness. Your blue room is so pretty and your gifts from Tatiana are wonderful. I am so happy that I discovered your blog!

  25. Carissima Wyrna io ti conosco da poco tempo ma l'impressione che mi hai dato è sempre stata di una persona cara, affidabile e molto precisa. Ho avuto il timore che lasciassi il blog e questo mi sarebbe molto dispiaciuto.Comprendo quale sia stato il tuo stato d'animo e penso che la presenza nelle tue miniature di quel tocco di romanticismo abbia bilanciato la gravità che c'era nel tuo lavoro. I tuoi preziosi lavori manuali riscuoteranno sicuro successo perché riflettono tutta la passione che poni in essi oltre ad essere molto belli e accurati.
    Spero che la traduzione sia buona e il testo sia comprensibile
    Un abbraccio di tutto ♥. Manu

  26. Hello Wyrna, I really wish your dream will come true :) you're a brave and talented miniaturist! Just like all your rooms, this blue one is absolutely charming. Hugs, Maisa

  27. I believe your former job is nothing you can stand until reaching the official retirement age... I'm really glad you're feeling better now and that you've found your way. Your new plans sound great, I'm wishing you every possible success. But I, like Jennifer, would advice you to offer worldwide shipping - look at all those lovely people who commented before me and where they come from! *smile* You should think about that as your next step. And I felt relief that you won't give up blogging - hey, I would miss you awfully! Your little blue scene is so sweet and it gave me a little smile on top. I have the same desk in the livingroom of my first witch tower, mostly black with skulls and lots of spiderwebs on it - yes, colour changes everything... ;O)Congrats on your lovely gifts from Tatiana, especially those baskets are amazing.


  28. All the best with your new venture. It sounds like your job was an important but difficult one.

    Postage around the world is a difficult question. I've noticed that there seems to be a big difference depending on where you live. Sometimes postage from Europe and America is as expensive as the item. It's worth investigating though. Best of luck. IndyPoppy

  29. Hi Wyrna, I'm so glad you are doing well and wish you great success with your new adventure into a shop!! Postage is bad everywhere, they say because of carbon emissions, but I think you would still find customers world-wide.

  30. Dear Wyrna, good luck with your future on-line shop!
    that's certainly a great and I think it will turn out just right for you. It would be so interesting to read about your achievements on this field:)

  31. chère Wyrna, je vous souhaite un grand succès, vos miniatures sont superbes.
    Ces dernières créations en bleu sont très belles. Jolie scène !
    J'ai travaillé avec les personnes en difficulté (drogue, alcool) et aussi avec d'anciens détenus) un travail intéressant mais éprouvant.
    Bonne chance pour cette nouvelle aventure !
    Bisous. rosethé

  32. How exciting for you Wyrna! I wish you all the best in this new adventure. Your former job was very important, but sometimes there comes a time when you need to look after yourself first, and you have to stop and re-evaluate what brings you joy at the end of the day. I think that you have found that in your miniatures. You are very talented, and your room boxes are so original and filled with small details. I love reading your blog and seeing what you create.

    All the best to you in your new adventure. I wish you much success.


  33. La escena azul es adorable!!! me encanta ese tono,tiene una dulzura especial!!! Adelante con el nuevo proyecto!!!!
    Unos regalos preciosos!!!
    Feliz cumpleaños aunque sea con retraso!!!!!

  34. Best wishes with your new plan! It was nice to know a little bit more about your life.
    I love your new scene.

  35. feliz cumpleaños, esos regalos son preciosos y me parece buena idea lo de la web de ventas me parece buena idea y te deseo mucha suerte .
    la escena azul es preciosa



  36. Good luck with your new venture, hope it will be a great succes. I recognize the feeling you describe, friends working and you sitting at home. Due to chronic disease i do not have a job, but i am happy to do some volontair work and enjoy my hobbies.
    Miniature greetings

  37. Wyrna, You are amazing. So is your work with minis. Your blog is very inspiring. Love the blue room. To make a decision to sell online is great! You will succeed in whatever you do. Congratulations! Hugs, Felma

  38. Hello Wyrna! A a very happy belated Birthday to you! So nice to hear that you found back your spirits and that you are up for a new adventure. Like so many others I have a little etsy shop for the rare times that I made more minis than I need. Maybe this would be a way to find out if international buyers would also buy from you? (I think so).
    I adore the bright blue furniture, it looks as if there was sunshine! And congratulations to your wonderful gifts!
    Good luck for your shop!
    Hugs, Sandra

  39. Good luck with your job and congrats for your scene!

  40. Дорогая Wyrna!!!!Вы талантливая женщина!!!!!! У вас все получится!!!!!!!!! Подарки от Татьяны как всегда потрясающие !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Te deseo mucha suerte en la nueva aventura que comienzas. Con trabajos como el que nos enseñas hoy no vas a tener ningún problema en vender tus artículos. Es una escena muy bonita, los colores atraen y transmiten alegría. Un saludo, Eva

  42. Dear Wyrna, what a demanding job that must have been, I can imagine that it costs much power, and was not easy.
    I´m so glad that I had the oppertunity off getting to know you here in Blogland, that´s why I´m very happy you'll still be blogging :):)
    I wish you all the luck for your new shop adventure, because everything you make is sooo lovely and beautiful that people want to buy it !!
    Look at your sweet blue room......i love it.....every lovely detail :)

    Warm hugs Mieke xxx

  43. All your works are gorgeous:) I'm so happy you will still be blogging because since I found your blog I love coming back nere to admire all those mini works of art:) I wish you luck for your new adventure:) In Poland we still don't have spring but it's snowing or raining almost every day:) Best wishes for you:)

  44. Che bella Wyrna! Nonostante hai usato colori freddi sei riuscita a trasmettere vita e calore in questa mini scena, complimenti perchè è tutto magnifico

  45. Good evening Wyrna!

    A very exiting decision to make your own Little Miniature shop!
    I wish you a lot of fun with it and good luck!!!!

    Your Little blue room is lovely and it Looks so fresh!
    Very nice :-)

    See you soon!!!
    Hugs, Lina

  46. Hi Wyrna, The only thing I can say is GOOD LUCK. I hope you can sell your marvellous little things in Denmark.
    If there's something I could do to help you, don't hesitate and tell me.
    Best wishes!!

  47. Dearest Wyrna, I really really can share your feelings on blogging. Your words also made me smile because I did exactly the same in the beginning. :) ('I sat with small sticky notes and wrote down everything')
    I wish all my best for your new on-line shop. Surely you'll find customers because as we can see in this post..your works are very beautiful.

  48. I wish you all the best to storn the Danish market and successful selling in the rest of the world too.
    Your scene looks fabulous!!!
    Hugs Melli

  49. The blue is really pretty. I wish you well with your shop venture, and I do sympathise with your comment about the cost of shipping for international buyers. I hope that you'll show your goods here on your blog. Even if we can't buy we'd love to see :)

  50. Hello Wyrna! The bright blue is a color that is so up-lifting to see and that is how I see you as a person! Your comments are always thoughtful and kind and they are a reflection of you inside. I think that I can imagine the toll that a stress filled job such as you had, probably chipped away at your heart little by little until you found it to be just too much! Your jobs loss was the mini worlds gain and I have enjoyed getting to know you on line and pray that all will go well with you in this new adventure of your life. I think that it is a good sign when you can see a niche and slip into it before anyone else and establish your market. All the best for success!


  51. Good luck with your new venture - I'm sure you'll do very well with it.

  52. Después de todo lo que has pasado, deseo que tu próxima empresa vaya muy bien y tengas muchas ventas. Tus trabajos son preciosos y seguro que venderás mucho. Tu pregunta lo que quieras y siempre que podamos te ayudaremos con nuestras opiniones.
    Me encanta ese ambiente en azul. Y esos regalos son preciosos.

  53. Dear Wyrna,

    How wonderful to have your little miniature shop and I love your sweet desk set.
    Your last job must have been very stressful, but how neat that you must have helped so many. This will be such a wonderful change and I wish you all the very best with your new venture.
    Sending hugs and well wishes

  54. Such a Beautiful scene - Your miniatures are so Lovely and Peaceful

  55. Hi Wyrna- I am catching up here and this comment is late-but I also want to say congratulations and lots of well wishes and luck on your new venture. I am sure you will do well because your miniatures are beautiful. After you get your feet wet and sell a bit maybe you will feel like trying out selling internationally. I love your scene with the blue color tones- very pretty :)

  56. Hi Wyrna, I must have missed your post, I feel a bit the same as you although I am a few years older. I have had difficulty finding work where we live now, so I decided to open my etsy shop, doing things I love. I too need to find a wholesaler in order to sell at competitive prices but it is very difficult to find contacts. Hope you have some luck in Denmark, I am sure you will have buyers your work is beautiful. I always appreciate your comments on my blog.

  57. Te deseo mucho exito con las ventas, seguro que todo saldrá como deseas.
    Ese mueble azul me encanta y los detalles aun más.
    Millones de besos amiga mía.

  58. Wow, your rooms are so beautiful.

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