Thursday, 2 May 2013

Another give away and thanks for the help.

Thanks for your help with my followers problem. It's so nice to be able to get help when I get stuck.

I have painted some more furniture. I'm practicing to take some good pictures, so be patient.

  I love black and gold, it is so elegant.

 I also love black and pink

   I also like silver, it is a mirror, butI just put a picture on, to take the picture. !

Here, pink and gold.

I like these picture and I am very proud of my accessories. I have practiced and practiced to get the worn expression ahead. Here I thought it was successful.

I have won a giveaway.

I am the lucky winner of  Pippibären`s  Giveaway. The mouse measures 5.5 cm. and as you can see he's very charming. He comes from Germany, so I go and train my school German, so I can take nicely against him.
Unfortunately, the Danish postal service have misplaced him so he lay on some shelf, somewhere,  I hope they soon find him.
If you do not know Pippibären `sPippibären`s blog, so take a look, she makes the most amazing bears. She has a white teddy bear at 43 cm, which can close his eyes. When I saw the pictures on her blog, I just had to look twice to be sure it was a stitched teddy bear. She sells some of these teddy bears on Etsy, so if you are interested, take a look.

Thanks Mely, to be the lucky winner of this lovely gift. I'll take good care of him.



  1. Ciao Wyrna le tue mini sono fantastiche e cosi' delicate!adoro il rosa e tutte le belle combinazioni che riesci a fare con i colori!buona giornata e un bacione!

  2. Congratulations Wyrna on winning this lovely tiny bear. It's so cute. Your miniatures and painted furniture are beautiful, as always! Especially the pink and gold cupboard is so inspiring for me to look at!

  3. si tout est beau, j'ai une préférence pour les éléments noirs et pour les blancs, jolie patine pour ces derniers.
    Félicitations pour la jolie petite souris que vous avez gagnée.
    Bonne journée Wyrna ! rosethé

  4. L'abbinamento con i colori delle scene è molto elegante. Trovo che sarei molto indecisa se dovessi scegliere quale preferisco. L' aria di antichizzato è venuta benissimo. Il topolino che hai ricevuto in dono è dolcissimo!
    Un abbraccio Manu

  5. I like your combination of different colours with pink, Wyrna. Your aging is so shabby - mine always look like very used pieces, lol!
    Congrats on your fantastic win! The mouse is so so cute!

  6. unos muebles y fotografias preciosos , enhorabuena por ganar el sorteo ,es una preciosidad



  7. What a cute little mouse!! Lucky you :)

    I particularly like the black and white with the pink, quite a bold statement. The aging on the cabinet and accessories is lovely too.

    Thanks for your nice comment about the French salon. I'm sure you'll love Lea's book, I can't read French either but the pictures are so lovely, and the instruction diagrams clear so it's possible to make good use of it anyway. Occasionally if I want to check that I've got the right idea on some instructions I type a bit into Google but often the translation is more amusing than helpful ;)

  8. Hello Wyrna, congratulations on winning the give away from Melli, that little mouse is too cute. It is a pity he didn't arrived yet, I hope he will come soon.
    Your furniture is a feast for the eye, wonderful paintwork and the shabby look is great, well done. I love the color scheme you've used, it is very elegant, Wyrna.
    Léa's book is very interesting indeed, enjoy it. I think Norma is right about the translation with the Google Translator, it is awful sometimes, but also amusing ;)!
    Thank you for your nice comments on my blogposts, I love to read them :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Вы не перестаете меня удивлять !! Ваши работы на столько все хорошо продуманы!!! Поздравляю с победой!!! Вы ее заслуживаете!! Мышка очаровательная!!!!!!

    You never cease to amaze me! Your work is so much to all the well-thought out! Congratulations on your victory! You deserve it! Mouse charming!!

  10. Veo que tus prácticas con las fotos dan sus resultados, quedan unos rincones preciosos y llenos de encanto. Felicidades por ganar ese sorteo, es verdaderamente bonito. Un beso

  11. congratulations on the giveaway win =) It is a lovely little mouse =) take care!


  12. Wow! Your furniture is so elegant. I love the black cabinet. It's perfect for a jewelry display. All the colors you chose are gorgeous. Wonderful pieces.
    Congratulations for winning one of the most adorable giveaways. You deserve this wonderful prize.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. Adorable giveaway win <3 and all the furniture looks very nice, I love the combination of pink and black!

  14. I can see that you worked hard. The result is very beautiful. I like the colors of the furniture, they look so elegant and I love the accessories.

    Hugs/Lil on Lilsdolls

  15. Hello wyrma,
    I love how you transform miniatures into beautiful little showpieces. You have a real eye for color choice and your painting work looks beautiful. Very well done!
    Congratulations on that beautiful prize.
    Big hug,

  16. I also love pink Wyrna and that wallpaper is so pretty as a backdrop to your lovely furnishings. The black cupboard looks very stylish and your distressing looks great on the little cabinet. Congratulations on winning that cute little bear I hope he isn't sitting on a shelf at the post office for too long!

  17. Hi Wyrna! I love the aging you have done on that little white cabinet. I think it's perfect! I love the black one and the pink and gold one. You have made those pieces of furniture so interesting. Congratulations on winning that sweet little bear!

  18. Congrats on your win! The mouse is adorable!

    I love your new creations and I am particularly drawn by the pink and gold cabinet! The color combination is somehow unusual but totally perfect. And the wallpaper is sublime ♥

  19. Congratulations on winning this adorable mouse.
    I like your new creations and the color combination. Very elegant. The scenes are lovely.
    Bye, Faby

  20. Todas las combinaciones son muy elegantes, a mi especialmente me gusta el rosa y plata ya que me encanta combinar estos colores. Un saludo, Eva

  21. Se me olvidó felicitarte por ratoncito tan gracioso que has ganado, es encantador

  22. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Поздравляю Вас с победой! Такой очаровательный мышонок!!!!
    Я думаю он скоро приедет!
    Ваши сцены как всегда очень элегантны и приятны взору. Тонкий вкус позволяет Вам играть цветовой гаммой. Все сочетания очень приятны Мне особо понравилось сочетание черный -белый - розовый. Я рада, что вы получаете удовольствие от декорирования сцен

  23. Your pictures where so much fun for my eyes... you've created lovely scenes and your playing along very well with your favourite colours. - Melli already told me that the Danish Mail let the Shopping Mouse disappear... what a shame!!! I keep my fingers crossed that it will be found! And if you liked Melli's big white bear you should go and have a look at her apes... she's incredible, a master teddy maker... ;O)


  24. Hei Wyrna, you made a great job with your furniture.
    They are all very beautiful. Scenes are pretty too!♥
    Congratulations on your cute win!

  25. Wonderful things!! I love the combination of pink with gold, and black:) And you're so lucky to win that giveaway, the mouse is so cute :)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  26. I hope your wonderful mouse turns up soon. Congratulations on winning him. Wyrna your furniture is stunning the combinations of colours are wonderful. I love the wallpaper and the beautiful picture and frame in the first pictures. Gorgeous work.
    Hugs Maria

  27. Yes Black and pink are perfect together =) I think you have used very nice colours here. And you get them together so nicely! Hannah

  28. Preciosos los muebles,cada combinación es perfecto,el ratón muy guapo y muy gracioso,besitos

  29. Felicidades por esos magníficos trabajos de pintura, las dos últimas fotos genial , me encanta el blanco roto.
    Felicidades por el premio de ese ratoncito tan mono, :)

  30. Hola Wyrna, felicidades por tu premio es muy simpático y tus muebles me han encantado, la combinación es preciosa y muy elegante. Besitos

  31. Dear Wyrna, your furniture is looks beautiful, such lovely colors you used :)
    I love the pink with gold cabinet, it s perfect for displaying beautiful things !
    Conogratulations for winning one of the most adorable givesaways, I hope the Danish Mail finds your darling mouse !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  32. Mi querida Wyrna, si que son elegantes todos esos muebles y les das un toque muy especial.
    El sillón con ese tapizado me encanta.
    Felicidades por ese sorteo ganado es un ratoncito muy amoroso.
    Millones de besos y mil más.

  33. Congrats on the win! I love pink and black, too, and did my RL powder room in it...the pink is very flattering to one's skin --and at my age, well, let's face it --I need all the help I can get! And yes, I see you're also a fan of black and white stripes, too --a case of great minds thinking alike?

  34. tus muebles estan muy bonitos, y la combinacion de colores me parece perfecta!felicidades por el premio, un beso

  35. The furnishings are beautiful and congratulations with a mini mouse. knus, Marisa

  36. Congratulation on this sweet little mouse. I love the animals from Melli.
    You have make a good job. All the furnitures and the accessories are very pretty.

    Have a nice day


  37. Congratulations on the win dear Wyrna . This little mouse is so cute ! You've won a wonderful gift !
    I love the black furniture. I've got the same that I have to makeover. Painting it in black is a wonderful idea ;)

  38. Congratulations, Im sure the post office will find and and send him home to you..I mail out stuff sometimes and it takes a long time for it to get to its destination.


  39. Bellissima vittoria Wyrna !!!Il premio è un piccolo tesoro!
    A me piacciono di più i set in rosa e argento e bianco e oro, i mobili in nero non li amo particolarmente.
    Un bacio

  40. I´m so sorry that the mouse is still not arrived you. She has been looking forward to come to you and get a private room. This is a shame but not the end of the world. You will become a new mouse I promise you!
    Thank you so much about these lovely words about my bears! I feel very honored.
    I am excited about your little white cabinet with this dreamable flowerpot on top!

  41. Wyrna, congratulations on winning a giveaway! Your furniture looks exquisite, my favorite is black with pink. It is something new that I've never heard about Blogger not allowing to register after you reach 300 followers, weird. I still can't fix the way to post the images on my blog and don't like how the Blogger does it now. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Have a great weekend, Natalia

  42. tienes un premio en mi blog..

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Me encanta el resultado
    No es común la mezcla de esos colores, pro supiste hacerlo muy bien

  45. I can't believe the mouse is lost! It is so cute. I hope it gets found soon.
    Your wallpaper is gorgeous. I love all your furniture and accessories. Everything always looks so pretty.
    I will let you know as soon as I hear when the newspaper publishes the dollhouse.

  46. hi wyrna!so elegant creations!!love them all!congratulations for your winning a lovely giveaway!

  47. I also have problems with reading the blogs I follow. I do not see. I do what I can to keep up the posts of my friends like you.
    Congratulations on winning this lovely gift! You are very lucky!
    I loved their scenes, the colors are great! The black, pink and gold, do not go wrong by being together.
    Your support to the plant is really beautiful, you sure can be proud of!

  48. Congratulations Wyrna, you won beautiful gifts!! I absolutely agree with you, black and the other colours are a perfect and elegant combination!! A big hug

  49. The combination of black and pink seems to be very elegant:) Congratulations on winning a fabulous Giveaway:) Hugs, Małgorzata

  50. I'm doing a little catch up and my goodness have you been busy! I hardly know what to comment on first! I love everything- I agree that the black and gold are stunning. I love the gold accents you have added to all of the furniture-just makes those pieces look so elegant! Beautiful work!! I also have to tell you that I love the mirror with the picture added- I would leave it that way because it is wonderful! Congratulations on your giveaway-and again---such beautiful minis you are creating Wyrna!! ♥

  51. Todo realmente bonito ,un saludo Adriana.

  52. Hi, i come from Susanna. I love your gorgeous miniatures and your blog. I' ll follow you with great pleasure.

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