Monday, 27 May 2013

Some gifts again.

I am a lucky woman. I received two packages from two very sweet and talented ladies. I have currently received so many gifts that I plan to make a room box with all my gifts in. It should be thought through. But one day ... To receive these two gifts has had its challenges.


I decorated some furniture, where I have been inspired by a French woman's boudoir. I really like the style. The color is Crem.
I'm working right now, in bright blue. At the moment I have so many ideas, and have lot of  creative spirit, it is to take advantage of it while I can, it may be gone tomorrow.

And to my gifts.

The cushion, I won was an extra giveaway, but google and I was not so good friends that day, so I did not understand that I had won. When I had to send my address, I could not figure it out, so it also went wrong. Thank you for your patience Emanuela

A beautiful package with a cute card with greeting. Inside was this amazing beautiful pillow, with my name on. It is very adorable and well done. See the pretty little tea pot with flowers in, it is so summery to look at. Many thanks Emanuel, thank you for your patience and thank you for the gifts.

May I introduce, The mouse Smile, the Danish postal service got mislaid brother Etsy, so instead I got Smile.
He is fantastic, he comes all the way from Melli, in Germany. Smile and I,  we communicate on my school German, it goes ok, but only ok. He is also very patience

 Smile like my new cushions.
  He makes me smile, say funny things and make some fun and joy., as you can see for yourself.

I also got 2 beautiful candlesticks. I will take them up in our summer house, they will fit in so well.
Thank you Melli 

It was special to win a mouse because, I have 2 adult girls and  I have always called them mice as nickname, I still do, and they're pretty adults. Now we've got a little mouse in the family, so cozy and he has such good vibe rations.

All I have received gifts from, get on one time or another a gift from me, right now I am busy so busy.

As some know,  I live in Copenhagen in a city apartment, I am on  vacation in week 29 + 30 +31. If  there should be some one who would like to borrow our apartment, please write to me. 
Copenhagen is a very beautiful city.




  1. Oh, Wyrna, what beautiful gifts you've got! I am sure you will come up with a great idea for the roombox to keep all your gifts together and display them in one theme. There is nothing better than to have presents that are related to your life, like this little cute mouse with a piece of cheese. Fabulous! Congratulations!

  2. Hi Wyrna,
    when I saw your furniture photo frist, I thought you won furniture for your real home. The tiny furniture looks soooo real. Beautiful work. And I love the mousie. How very cute. Congratulation for winning these wonderful things,
    Best greetings,

  3. Que fantastico trabajo en esos precioso muebles, se ven de lo mas real.
    Enhorabuena por todos tus fantasticos regalos.
    besitos ascension

  4. Oh so good to hear Smile came to you safe and sound! Great gifts you've received Wyrna! And your French inspired furniture are really pretty.

  5. Wirna sono regali stupendi!! Bellissimo il cuscino di Manu, dolcissimo il topolino...sei davvero fortunata!!
    Buone vacanze, un bacio,

  6. Din möbler är jättevackra och ser så eleganta ut! Mycket fina saker.
    Presenterna du fått är härliga, särskilt kudden och den lilla musen som ser så mysig ut!

    Lil på Lilsdolls

  7. Cara Wyrna,finalmente il pacchetto ha trovato la sua strada! Dolcissimo il mouse con cappello e borsetta!I mobili li trovo molto eleganti e in stile. Un abbraccio e buone vacanze!Manu

  8. Дорогая Wyrna!
    Вы, как всегда, великолепны! Мне нравится ваша идея с этой мебелью! Смотрится супер! Ваши коробки дополняют и украшают композицию!
    Я очень рада, что вы получили подарки! Поздравляю!
    Хорошей недели!

  9. Una preciosidad. me encanta todo.
    Un abrazo.

  10. What lovely gifts Wyrna and a cute little mouse I am sure we will see more of him.

  11. Your gifts are very special and the little mouse has stolen my heart! On the first pics you showed about the work you've been doing, I love it. I love that extra touch of the netting on the furniture and the hatboxes.

  12. Hello Wyrna,
    What lovely prizes and gifts. they will look wonderful in your beautiful miniature settings. I love the screen and side table. Just ebautiful.
    Big hug, and happy holiday,

  13. Congratulations Wyrna on your wonderful wins. The little mouse is beautiful. I love the sweet cushion and flowers. Your furniture is gorgeous I love the screen. Enjoy your wonderful treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Hello Wyrna! Congratulations on your beautiful prices!!! They look adorable with your furniture. And it is so good that you can practice a little bit your school German language with Smile :D ...but I am sure he will soon be able to understand Danish, too!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  15. Dear Wyrna, enjoy all the lovely gifts you received. I am so happy for you! Thank you for showing them to us in this post. Your decorated furniture looks very special. It is really generous of you to offer your appartment to us for a stay in Copenhagen. I haven been there on a holiday years ago and it is such a beautiful city!

  16. Don't worry, Wyrna, I had the same trouble with Google translator so I didn't understand the first time that darling Emanuela offered even more prices at her giveaway, one of them dedicated to you and one of them for me. But owning such a cushion myself know exactly how lovely Manu's cushions are! Enjoy - and of course enjoy having Smile around! Melli's work is outstanding in any way, I have no doubt that little mousee is a heartbreaker. Just make sure to secure your cheese and cookie supplies... *grin* Your furniture is breathtaking as usual, this effect with the net fabric (I suppose it's fabric) is spectacular.


  17. Hello Wyrna bellissimi i mobili con paglia di Vienna molto eleganti!bellissimi i regali di Manuela e Melli adoro il topino!buone vacanze e un bacione!

  18. Que bonitos muebles Wyrna, me encantan y esas cajas tan dulces.
    Felicidades por tan bonitos regalos, yo también tengo la suerte de tener uno de los cojines de Manu, son preciosos.
    Mil besos y feliz semana.

  19. Dear Wyrna,
    Your latest furniture pieces, especially the screen, are
    very beautiful. Congratulations for your wonderful gifts which are very nicely displayed. Yes, the little mouse is adorable. Enjoy your treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  20. Hello Wyrna! I am so pleased for you! You are such a lovely person and I am always so delighted and happy when good things come your way! Congratulations on everything
    and I think your idea for a roombox featuring your gifts and winnings would be a nice way to showcase them all too!.


  21. Unos muebles fantásticos, te han quedado ideales en combinación con las sombrereras.
    Los regalos preciosos, el ratón me enamoró nada mas verlos.
    Felices días de descanso , eres muy generosa con tu ofrecimiento, también tienes mi invitación si decides venir a Burgos.

  22. Que muebles tan maravillosos.......
    y los regalos son muy bonitos
    Un besin

  23. Dear Wyrna,

    Love the beautiful French boudoir and all your gorgeous little treasures.
    Congratulations on your wins and you must have been thrilled with everything.

    Happy week

  24. Hello Wyrna, congratulations on your beautiful prizes, enjoy! Your Mousie is so sweet, I am so glad that your mouse arrived safe and sound at your home!
    Your furniture is wonderful, great idea to make a roombox for all your gifts!
    Hugs, Ilona

  25. Hola Wyrna, son preciosos los regalos que has recibido, y los mueblecitos te han quedado le lujo!!! Felicidades por tan bonito trabajo. Besitos

  26. Lovely gifts and awesome creations you made.

  27. Beautifully crafted gifts! You will place them with such love, they will be honored, I am sure

    I hope it is s fun vacation!


  28. Hello Wyrna, les cadeaux reçus sont adorables !
    La couleur crème va très bien à vos nouvelles créations.
    Bonnes vacances ! Bisous. rosethé

  29. I like the furniture and its style.
    The gifts are wonderful, especially the adorable mouse.
    Bye, Faby

  30. Lovely gifts, I love the mouse. Your new miniatures are gorgeous.

  31. I am so happy to see Smile arrives you in good condition! I hope she brings a lot of "Smiles" in your life!
    Fantastic furniture! Great job!
    Hugs Melli

  32. Everything is so beautiful! My favorite is the creme set for a French woman's boudoir!

  33. The gifts are so pretty! That mouse is adorable! Completely smitten by the cuteness of the mouse!

  34. What wonderful gifts--congratulations! The tiny mouse is so sweet--I'm glad you're having fun with him! I still have a terrible cold, but today I am catching up on my blog reading. xo Jennifer

  35. Dear Wyrna, what beautiful gifts you received.........I LOVE the cute little mouse, he is sooooo adorable !!!!
    The furniture you made is fantastic, and what a lovely idea to make a roombox for all your gifts :)
    Have a wonderful week my friend !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  36. Hi Wryna! Thanks for letting me right now about that silly virus warning! I will sort things out i hope! I'll come back to see all your post in detail! That little cute!!! :) Many Greetings!

  37. Hola Wyrna!!! Los muebles te han quedado de maravilla, son preciosos y los regalos que has recibido muy hermosos!!!

  38. What wonderful gifts!!!! And, at Smile: Hallo du hübscher Kleiner, es soll dir gutgehen in deiner neuen Heimat!
    Hugs Hannelore

  39. Дорогая Wyrna! Ваш набор потрясающий, цвета очень красивые!!! Подарки замечательные!!! Это так приятно получать подарки!!! Надеюсь мой подарок дойдет до вас без приключений и он вам пригодится!!!!

    Dear Wyrna! Your collection is awesome, the colors are very nice! Gifts are wonderful! It's so nice to receive gifts! I hope my gift will reach you without incident, and it is useful to you!!

  40. It is very interesting to consider your miniatures. Magnificent work.

  41. cudne meble i urocza myszka, pozdrawiam ania

  42. Hi Wyrna, I couldn't find your E-Mail-adress... please contact me and I'm going to help you to make some extra sides for your new blog. Don't worry, if I could do it then you can do it too... ;O) My E-Mail is


  43. So beautiful all Wyrna!!! Enjoy! A big hug

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