Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Training and training.

I'm still occupied by the fact, that I can add, various image effects, to my photos. I have felt a professional development, as it is a completely new and undiscovered area for me. What I miss, by not being in the labor market is to develop professionally and of course my colleges. I have found out, that I can get some of the professional satisfaction here in my hobby.

I also announce, after some people who want to be in a miniature group, and we have already been 4. So I have become very active again, it is so great.

 Here are two tray tables with 2 different king crowns. One for the blue lovers and one for the pink lovers.
  Here 2 hat boxes where the lids can be removed.

 En Vintage style, bronze brass ball, whit and antique crown

 En Vintage style, bronze brass ball, whit a "silver" lid and "silver" terms.  

A rusty ball

 This scene I have created to use it on my new website.  However,  I have certain challenges to insert the picture. So we have to see.
Interesting to see what effect it gives with wide black edging.

I have over the weekend been on the Dollhouse fair, it is always a delightful experience. I bought lots of narrow bands in all sorts of colors, I can not get enough of these products.

I also bought these treasures.
The glass decanter where the lid can be removed, from the German glassblower, Peter Böhm from Ernstthal.
The Pair of lidded Urns from Victoria Fasken, UK, I think.
The Aubusson rug from Petit Brocante, Denmark
The large dish with lid, I can not remember where I bought, but it can be bought in many different places.



  1. has estado muy ocupada , te ha quedado todo muy bien , esa escena te ha quedado muy bonita, y las minis que has comprado geniales



  2. You always do beautiful work Wyrna, and those earns you got at the fair are very interesting. So tiny and so much detail.

  3. Oh Wyrna, das ist so wunderschön geworden. Die Hutschachteln gefallen mir am besten.
    Herzliche Grüße Britta

  4. Everything is wonderful. I like the new scene.
    You have a new web site? What is the link?
    Bye, Faby

  5. Awesome furniture. Can`t stop wondering about Your works!

  6. The photo of your great room is very well suited as a main photo to your website. So many fine things in the room. Hope you manage to insert it.
    Love your hat boxes! They are so lovely.

    Sure it's fun with all the good photo programs available. They are great fun to work with.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  7. Hello Wyrna.
    I just love your work. It is beautiful. That room is so beautiful and I love the touch of black. It really makes everything pop. As for your purchases, they are spectacular. I love those urns. I am glad you have a means we will get to see more of your artwork!
    Big hug,

  8. Esos accesorios son una preciosidad, me encantan te han quedado estupendos.
    Un abrazo.

  9. У вас всегда элегантные и законченные сцены!!! Всегда с интересом захожу к вам в блог!!!!!

  10. Prachtige creaties, heel mooi om te bekijken !

  11. Everything is so beautifull!!!
    Congratulations for your group.
    Best wishes,

  12. hey Wyrna, I am so happy for you to have found a few 'real life" miniaturists near you to come together sometimes and make minatures. I can imagine this is very inspiring. I am looking forward to you progress in photographing, I too would like to learn more about it and maybe I will in future...
    You bought some very pretty things on the fair, I guess I will see them back in one of your future posts....being part of a harmounious scene :-)

  13. those are so cute! and those little brass balls would make great non working lamps or working lamps if you had the material


  14. More lovely miniatures!!

  15. I'm so happy for you, Wyrna! You can develop professionally and you have a local mini group--that's wonderful! I like that I can keep learning in miniatures too. It is so important to have fun challenges in life. Your work is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your new web site. xo Jennifer

  16. Hi Wyrna, you have purchased some beautiful miniatures! Wow, a mini group, sounds wonderful!
    Yes, it is so good to have challenges in miniatures and in RL too. We can keep on learning like Jennifer said.
    Your work is beautiful and I will love to see your new website.
    Hugs, Ilona

  17. I'm really curious to see your website once it's finished! And I can truly understand how fascinating it is discovering some of almost endless possibilities of photo software. Nice to hear you have a miniature group now, sounds like fun. And I really liked your newest items, that scene you've created is simply beautiful.


  18. Sono molto felice per te Wyrna,mi piacciono i nuovi lavori e tra i vari effetti sulle foto preferisco quelli delle prime foto, il bordo nero appesantisce troppo le immagini.
    Un bacio

  19. I'm very jealous of your skill of making photos :) It's a dark forest to me. These photos are fantastic!

  20. Hello, How beautiful details! dream! everyone looks so original, really congratulations! not all have the ability to perform these beautiful pieces that are like treasures! I admire your art! greetings, Rose Marie

  21. Oh Wyrna, you make such amazing and lovely things! And adjusting the photos just makes them more fantastic ;)

    Waiting on your site!

  22. Bellissime foto del tuo nuovo sito, io preferisco tra le due, quella con il bordo nero perché mette in risalto l'immagine al suo interno. Gli oggetti acquistati sono molto preziosi, mi piace molto il tappeto e le coppe. Un abbraccio Manu

  23. Hi Wyrna!

    Personal satisfaction from your hobby is the best feeling ever :) More so than that resulting from work, in my own humble opinion.

    I do love your trays and crown. As for the photo, I prefer the white edge over the black one because it gives it a dreamy look as opposed to the more bold black color.

    How fun that you get to go to a dollhouse fair. I wished I could have an event like that nearby!

  24. Привет, Wyrna!
    Как замечательно, что Вы показываете новый румбокс. Как всегда великолепно! Я с нетерпением хочу увидеть ваш новый сайт!
    Поздравляю с приобретением таких прекрасных сокровищ!

  25. Los nuevos trabajos y la compras son muy bonitos. Será una gran diversión reunirse con otras personas con la misma afición. Un saludo, Eva

  26. How nice that you can work with a group! You get new inspiration and can share craft tools and materials.
    I love your photographing skills, you already have very beautiful photos here. Your new items are gorgeous. Very soon you will be able to have a stand of your own at the miniature shows. I believe your table will be the best there.
    Hugs, Drora

  27. Congratulations on your new miniatures are beautiful and great fortune to visit the exhibition of miniatures. Knus, Marisa

  28. Estupendo el hacer un grupo de su hobby, sus miniatura son fantásticas, me encantan las coronas y sus compras una obra de arte como dices, felicidades:)

  29. Wyrna, les nouvelles créations sont superbes. Jolie, aussi la nouvelle scène.
    Quant aux achats, ils sont très beaux !
    C'est tellement mieux d'avoir et de faire parti d'un groupe de miniaturistes.
    Bonne journée !

  30. que hermosos trabajos y que buenas compras..

  31. I love your photos. The edging does make a difference. All your purchases are wonderful. I love the dish with the cover. Congratulations on your new group and website.
    The dollhouse arrived in New York safely. They'll contact me as soon as they know when it is schedule for publication.

  32. Dear Wyrna, what great news that you found allready 4 persons to make min´s with, it is so much fun working thogether :)
    Your pictures are lovely, you are learning fast :)
    What beautiful miniatures you are showing us, I like the tray tables with the king crowns very much, in both colors :)
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  33. Cuántos tesoros juntos y todos tan delicados, esas coronas son una maravilla.
    Te deseo un feliz fin de semana.
    Mil besos...JUlia.

  34. Enhorabuena por esas compras, son preciosas.
    Me encanta como has decorado todo.
    besitos ascension

  35. Wyrna, I love to play with the pictures too, wish only the blogger didn't change the layout of them. I loved all of your purchases! Rug has such beautiful colors, I am sure it would be fun to stitch it. Have a great weekend! Natalia

  36. All scenes so pretty again Wyrna! And great photos. I know what you mean by 'training and training'. I also train all the time. :) How nice that you have find friends to make minis. It is so lot of fun work together.
    Have lovely weekend!

  37. Hi again Wyrna. I have a couple of presents for you in my blog. It's written in Spanish, I don't know if you understand it but if you don't just let me know and I will translate it for you.

  38. You have created such a fabulous room that I would love to live in it:) And all the purchases you have made are so lovely:) Hugs, Małgorzata

  39. The room is soo cutee!! (;
    I really love it!
    If you like foamy doll, you could go and check my blog, its all about this dolls, here is the link:

    Hugs!! :)

  40. Deliziose foto Wyrna e' un grande piacere conoscerti!kiss

  41. I´m looking forward to see your webside if it is finished. I had a own websife too some years ago, but I hated to work on it! It was so complicated to put pictures on it or to change the color of the font or something like this! I really hate it!
    You have found a lot of great things on this dollhouse mess. Thy looking wonderful
    Hugs Melli

  42. Hi Wyrna, thanks for your comments. I had some trouble to comment with Google Chrome so here I am with Firefox to say hello after a little while to my favorite bloggers. I love all your pics and your creations too, of course! See you.

  43. Ciao Wyrna se mi lasci il tuo indirizzo sulla mia e-mail domani spedisco...Grazie, un abbraccio Manu

  44. Oh how exciting to find some miniature friends locally! I think your photos look fabulous- you can always see so much detail and yet they have a very dreamy quality also. I love the tray tables and the balls with the crowns I really really love!

  45. Hola Wyrna, que fantásticas compras has hecho, me encantan. La escena está decorada con muy buen gusto, como todo lo que tu haces. Gracias por tus siempre amables comentarios. Besitos

  46. Hola Wyrna, preciosas compras, se ve que has estado ocupada, esta escena me encanta, cada detalle es una maravilla y todo tiene un aire muy elegante!!!!

  47. Hi Wyrna,
    It's beautiful post. I love a bronze balls, the antique crown
    and admire adorable round boxes.I love those sweet pictures!

  48. Has estado muy trabajadora!!! me gusta mucho todo lo que has hecho,las sombrereras me parecen muy originales, la escena es preciosa y el efecto bronce muy real!!!!

  49. Hola Wyrna! felicitaciones la escena es realmente bonita esta decorada con muy buen gusto, un saludo Adriana.

  50. Hello Wyrna package I sent yesterday. I do not know if you received the msg on e-mail ... always remains the doubt.Hugs.Manu

  51. HI Wyrna! I love the fact that you are a growing a group of 4 ladies to encourage each other in this hobby and to learn new miniature skills! Good for you! I love the trays and you have done a wonderful job with both and I adore your hatboxes. I like the metal ornaments that you have made and which you have aged so beautifully and your photography work is very, very good! You have also made some incredible purchases with regard to the urns and the other tiny items on display! They are just so fine and like eggshells in their delicacy! Just superb, Wyrna! Now comes the fun part of getting to play with it all!


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